Forget Me


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Catherine and Joshua reflect on their past when their father returns. Meanwhile, a decorated soldier struggles with a war wound; a new patient is admitted to the Cube after falling off a mountain; and Will tries to get rid of Delilah.


Kelly Reilly
as Dr. Catherine Black
Ditch Davey
as Dr. Ian Bickman
David Ajala
as Will Van Renseller
Ali Wong
as Lina Lark
Laura Fraser
as Reagan Black
David Chisum
as Joshua Black
Terry Kinney
as Dr. Owen Morely
Vanessa Redgrave
as Dr. Hartramph
Aja Naomi King
as Ali Henslee
Tasso Feldman
as Leo Robinson
Olivia Birkelund
as Karina Black
David Rasche
as Hunter Black
Margot White
as Sissy O'Brian
Trini Alvarado
as Beatrice King
Tom Pelphrey
as Joseph Moran
Michael Pemberton
as Lionel Stark
Ross Gibby
as Keith Harlow
Lulu Wilson
as Young Catherine
Sawyer Barth
as Young Joshua
Susan Pourfar
as Tracy Myers
Sepideh Moafi
as Farrah Mahmoud
Brendan Griffin
as Young Hunter
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