Sing Like Me


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Catherine conducts a study on music, which includes a patient who's developed a pitch problem and a man who's acquired savant syndrome. Meanwhile, someone unexpected is sought to help a musician with tremors; and Dr. Bickman makes a surprising proposal.


Kelly Reilly
as Dr. Catherine Black
Ditch Davey
as Dr. Ian Bickman
David Ajala
as Will Van Renseller
Ali Wong
as Lina Lark
Laura Fraser
as Reagan Black
David Chisum
as Joshua Black
Terry Kinney
as Dr. Owen Morely
Vanessa Redgrave
as Dr. Hartramph
Sepideh Moafi
as Farrah Mahmoud
Tasso Feldman
as Leo Robinson
Ali Ahn
as Tinker
Tracee Chimo
as Mackenzie
Victoria Leigh
as Young Catherine
Joel Perez
as Mexican Carson
Q. Smith
as Singing Woman
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