Blake's 7 (1978 - 1981)

Blake's 7

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Freedom-fighting rebels battle an evil intergalactic government known as the Federation in this character-driven British cult hit, which aired on the BBC between 1978 and '81 and achieved its cult status in spite of (or in part, perhaps, because of) its unimaginative special effects.

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1981, BBC1, 13 episodes

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1980, BBC1, 13 episodes

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1979, BBC1, 13 episodes

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1978, BBC1, 13 episodes


Gareth Thomas
as Roj Blake
Paul Darrow
as Kerr Avon
Sally Knyvette
as Jenna Stannis
Michael Keating
as Vila Restal
Jan Chappell
as Cally
David Jackson
as Olag Gan
Josette Simon
as Dayna Mellanby
Steven Pacey
as Del Tarrant
Peter Tuddenham
as Zen/Orac/Slave
Glyn Owen
as Leylan
Robert Beatty
as Bran Foster
Deep Roy
as Decima
John Savident
as Fleet Warden Samor
Robert James
as Ven Glynd
T.P. McKenna
as Sarkoff
Barry Jackson
as Captain Kendall
Tom Chadbon
as Del Grant
Julian Glover
as Prof. Kayn
Jeremy Wilkin
as Dev Tarrant
Sam Dastor
as Caliph
Paul Daneman
as Dr. Bellfriar
Barbara Shelley
as Dr. Plaxton
Lorna Heilbron
as Sula (Anna Grant)
Cy Grant
as Hal Mellanby
Roy Boyd
as Zukan
William Squire
as Kommissar
Peter Williams
as Dr. Havant
Paul Shelley
as Maj. Provine
Sheila Ruskin
as Alta One
Stephen Tate
as Mandrian
Richard Bebb
as Ven Glynd
Derek Farr
as Ensor Sr.
Susan Field
as Alta Morag
Aubrey Woods
as Krantor
Tony Caunter
as Ensor Jr.
Morris Barry
as Dr. Wiler
Peter Clay
as Chesku
John Quentin
as Practor
John Wyman
as Cancer
David Neal
as Gerren
Mark York
as Cheney
Denis Carey
as Docholli
Dinah May
as Woman Passenger
Sam Davies
as Carlon
Donald Douglas
as Maj. Grenlee
Roy Evans
as Slave
David Sibley
as Commentator
Derrick Branche
as Armagon Guard
James Lister
as Maryatt
Brian Miller
as Assistant Kommissar
Brian Haley
as Chief Guard
Andrew Robertson
as Space Commander
John Bown
as Durkim
Kathleen Byron
as Clonemaster Fen
John Baker
as Scientist
Rick James
as Chalsa
John Rolfe
as Terloc
David Quilter
as The Tracer
Brian Capron
as Rafford
Nigel Lambert
as Computer Operator
Ron Tarr
as Patrol Leader
Paul Grist
as Cevedic
Neil Dickson
as Avandir
Michael Troughton
as Pilot Four-Zero
Helen Blatch
as Receptionist
Harry Jones
as Jarrier
Cyril Appleton
as Sgt. Hask
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TV Network: BBC1
Premiere Date:
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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