The Age of Reason


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Bad news from Harry Daugherty in Washington, D.C., could make things tough for Nucky, who assembles quite a crowd to organize a liquor delivery in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Jimmy talks business with Leander Whitlock but turns to Manny Horvitz to get results; Margaret prepares her son for his first confession; and Van Alden struggles to maintain his composure as a fallen colleague's condition deteriorates.


Steve Buscemi
as Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson
Michael Pitt
as Jimmy Darmody
Kelly Macdonald
as Margaret Schroeder
Michael Shannon
as Nelson Van Alden
Shea Whigham
as Elias Thompson
Aleksa Palladino
as Angela Darmody
Michael Stuhlbarg
as Arnold Rothstein
Vincent Piazza
as Lucky Luciano
Anthony Laciura
as Eddie Kessler
Paul Sparks
as Mickey Doyle
Jack Huston
as Richard Harrow
Dabney Coleman
as Louis 'The Commodore' Kaestner
Dominic Chianese
as Leander Whitlock
Charlie Cox
as Owen Sleater
William Forsythe
as Manny Horvitz
Christopher McDonald
as Harry Daugherty
Geoffrey Pierson
as Sen. Walter Edge
Enid Graham
as Rose Van Alden
Peter McRobbie
as Supervisor Frederick Elliot
Glenn Fleshler
as George Remus
Nick Sandow
as Waxey Gordon
Anatol Yusef
as Meyer Lansky
Joseph Aniska
as Agent Sawicki
Joel Brady
as Agent Clarkson
Pearce Bunting
as Bill McCoy
Lucy Gallina
as Emily Schroeder
Josie Gallina
as Emily Schroeder
Ed Jewett
as Jess Smith
Brady Noon
as Tommy Darmody
Connor Noon
as Tommy Darmody
Declan McTigue
as Teddy Schroeder
Rory McTigue
as Teddy Schroeder
Bill Sage
as Solomon Bishop
Solomon Shiv
as Herman Kaufman
Peter Van Wagner
as Isaac Ginsberg
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