Breaking Bad: Season 5 Reviews

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March 6, 2019
The genius of Breaking Bad is that it retained every single aspect that made it great while constantly innovating and subverting its own mythology.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/5
January 15, 2019
I realised just how long I had been gritting my jaw and holding my head in my hands whilst watching for the past month, and to have it all just calmly end was the perfect release.
November 8, 2018
The second and third to last episodes of the series might be the two best in Breaking Bad history.
September 24, 2018
This is the end that Breaking Bad deserved. [Full Review in Spanish]
August 21, 2018
We aren't so much suckers in our sympathy for Walt as paralyzed friends who can't quite believe a man we cared for could change so quickly or so thoroughly.
June 11, 2018
It feels like classic Breaking Bad and there's a lot to explore going forward. All in all, we still hail to the king.
May 14, 2018
Gilligan and company have crafted one of TV's most compelling storylines in years.
April 16, 2018
The show is an exercise in ethics and impossible choice, rooted in the heightened reality of our country's wracked and wretched West.
June 10, 2014
There's something about this show that just transcends, and keeps on transcending, popular entertainment. It just keeps getting better and better, going higher and higher, until mere words, mere platitudes, can no longer do it justice.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/4
January 16, 2014
Breaking Bad delivers a final season that is as gripping and rewarding as we've come to expect. It's the show that knocks.
Full Review | Original Score: 4.5/5
October 14, 2013
Breaking Bad is essential viewing: a Molotov cocktail of poverty, science and decline.
September 30, 2013
We get the neatness and the uncertainty, which shows a Heisenberg level of mastery.
September 30, 2013
Take a bow, Vince Gilligan.
September 30, 2013
Because Breaking Bad is great art, the drama invites many different interpretations.
September 30, 2013
If this last hour or so was a little too perfect for its own good, then that's because it left (almost) no loose end untied
Full Review | Original Score: 5/5
September 30, 2013
Breaking Bad did what any show would hope to do: bring its narrative to a natural, organic conclusion while also leaving us wishing the story could just go on and on.
September 27, 2013
One way or another, you've got to figure Walt is going down. And, thanks to Cranston, he's going down in TV history as one of the medium's most fascinating, memorable and grandly tragic characters.
September 17, 2013
Breaking Bad is more than science. It's intelligent design.
September 16, 2013
I could not be happier to see Breaking Bad return at the top of its game, tackling the beginning of the end with the same inventive, emotional spirit that defined the show during its greatest, most legendary periods.
Full Review | Original Score: 10/10
August 13, 2013
We can only hope the remaining seven episodes live up to everything "Blood Money" delivered.
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