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Buffy's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) got a real demon of a roommate at college. Not only is Kathy (Dagney Kerr) a neat freak who dates her milk in the fridge, but she also insists on following Buffy on her nightly slayer patrols. Things look better when Buffy meets-cute with Parker (Adam Kaufman), a seemingly nice upperclassman. Then, Kathy shows up wearing Buffy's sweater and proceeds to get ketchup all over it. Later, Buffy complains of having nightmares in which a demon forces her to eat blood and a scorpion. Her friends don't know what to think, especially after she shows them Kathy's toenail clippings that have kept growing -- proving that her roomate truly is a demon. Meanwhile, Oz (Seth Green) has his first whiff of Veruca (Paige Moss), a meeting that will lead to some hairy entanglements for everyone's favorite boy werewolf.


Sarah Michelle Gellar
as Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon
as Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan
as Willow Rosenberg
Charisma Carpenter
as Cordelia Chase
Anthony Head
as Rupert Giles
Paige Moss
as Veruca
Roger Morrissey
as Tapparich
David Tuckman
as Freshman
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