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Mordecai and Rigby are fed up with the disrespect they receive, from Benson giving them their payment in sandwich bags to two rude kids making fun of them and knocking them over with their skateboards, so Mordecai tries to beat the two rude kids' high scores at an arcade game ( Broken Bonez ) in Margaret's coffee shop, but loses badly. Afterwards, Mordecai and Rigby learn that they do better together and begin defeating a lot of people at it, including the two rude kids from before, and they start to respect the duo. But they soon pick up and break the world record. They must compete against the game's greatest player -- Garrett Bobby Ferguson (GBF), a giant bearded face who arrives from another world to defend his high score (#1 in the universe). Mordecai and Rigby gleefully cruise to a supposed victory, but hope is lost when GBF pretends to be a lonely father who has a daughter born out of wedlock and wasted his whole life playing Broken Bonez. The entire coffee shop gains GBF's sympathy, and they agree to let him keep his title. Afterwards he reveals that his story was made up, and the game was just a hobby. The two them miraculously win an extra game, and despite GBF's attempts to stop them, they achieve victory. After this, GBF explodes into a yellow liquid, and Benson comes to the coffee shop to give Mordecai and Rigby their payment in a check. However, after realizing that the two just slacked off the entire day, he takes back his decision and yells at them to work.

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