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Air date: Aug 7, 2015

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Diego Luna
as Giacomo Casanova
Bojana Novakovic
as Madame Pompadour
Miranda Richardson
as Madame Pompadour
Ben Daniels
as Francois-Joachim de Bernis

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Agonizingly slow and far too reliant on nonexistent sexual chemistry to sustain interest, "Casanova" feels like a show that's trying to borrow from every genre because it lacks a clear identity of its own.

Aug 7, 2015 | Rating: C- | Full Review…

The plot itself is filled with political intrigue and various power plays within the court, which makes Casanova feel like more than just a guilty pleasure.

Aug 7, 2015 | Rating: 7.7/10 | Full Review…

Oscar-nominated director Jean-Pierre Jeunet indulges the richness of the setting and story to perfection, and Luna is winning as the multilingual Giacomo Casanova.

Aug 6, 2015 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Casanova: Season 1

  • Jan 25, 2016
    This is a review of the pilot episode as posted on The Qtv Review ( So, let's talk about Casanova, Amazon's latest original period piece highlighting the orgasmic trials and tribulations of Giacomo Casanova during the Age of Enlightenment in Paris. We've got 3 pairs of tits, two female asses, two shots of straight-up-fucking, and some spanking. All within the first 60 seconds. Interspersed with the "obligatory" t&a is the man himself, literally talking himself to a sickly death in a jail cell, which his friend breaks him out of so he can frolic (suddenly the picture of health) on the roof of the building. They have themselves a nice swim before running away to Paris where he can bask in sexual pleasure without fear of punishment. For good measure, we're given 3 more glimpses of breasts in the opening sequence of the show. And about 8 more pairs (a few of them getting licked by creepy men) through to the end of the episode. As far as plot goes... a friend of a friend has gone missing (all of 10 seconds is spent on that plot point), the King has a "whore," and Casanova needs a job. He does not, however, want to be the whore's whore. Fucking for money crosses a line, apparently. But all it takes to convince him otherwise is for his friend to essentially say, "But... money, power, respect." (Do note: direct quotes may or may not be subject to intentional inaccuracies.) So, he gets a makeover and proceeds to attempt to out-fuck the woman causing his friend distress by having a vagina which, if the King goes anywhere near it, will cause him to burn Paris to the ground... or something equally terrible. Before officially embarking on his plan, however, he gets called away to some high society Kabbalists' dinner party, where one of the guests makes our dear Casanova the picture of anger because of their claim to being a few hundred years old. If I'm being honest, it might have been for another reason, but it wasn't interesting enough to remember. When he finally does catch up with Ms. Mistress (or whatever her actual name is), she basically cuts him up with her sharp-witted words when he tries to turn on his world-famous charm. He says the 18th century equivalent of a stupid Drake lyric (something along the lines of "But I came from the gutter just like you") to which she replies, "Bye, Felipe." Not fazed at all by his failure, he eye fucks some rando until she walks up to him, jerk-off hand at the ready. She's already somebody's main bitch, however, so she passes him off onto a poor, unsuspecting and, might I add, asleep woman. (My husband knows better than to wake me up with a boner. Bitches be tired.) To make up for his rude awakening, he finger bangs her until she says, "Hold up, dude. I'm a virgin. And virgins cost extra." He says "Ugh, fine. I'll just eat you out then." But the second he sets his eyes on her sparkly downstairs parts, he decides she's too good to get paid. Then proceeds to eat her out anyway. And she lets him! The following day, he promises his Kabbalah buddy that he can regenerate her soul if she pays him enough. He spends that money on his new virgin friend that he's apparently trying to Pretty Woman so that he can replace Ms. Mistress with her. So, the problem is no longer vagina in general, it's specifically Ms. Mistress' vagina. Our "hero" manages to get our mistress alone at the opera, where he reveals the entirety of the master plan and his true intentions to fuck up his "friend" who, turns out, was the person who had good ol' Cas arrested back in their hometown. That's pretty much it. To sum up what we've learned from the pilot episode (without Googling for actual facts): (1) Casanova is a whore who manages to have sex fully clothed each time he does it, (2) Parisian women, on the other hand, barely covered themselves up back in the day, (3) complimenting a prostitute means she has to work for free, (4) egg whites cause multiple forceful ejaculations, and (5) medieval torture is supposed to be entertaining as fuck. So, if the pilot gets picked up to series, you can expect a tale of revenge being carried out by a hypersexual man because he was stripped of his right to fuck for the minute he was in prison and forced to move to Paris, where everyone else is hypersexual. Also, you're supposed to feel bad for him. Or want to have sex with him. Or something. Just don't expect to ever see his nipples.
  • Sep 07, 2015
    It is crazy to rate this based on only one episode, weather you like it or not, one can't deny that it shows promise. and to the people that think: "oh it's slow, and it's... " (LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE!) various famous tv shows today have had a slow start, which did not stop them from having a great comeback and delivery for seasons to come. Plus it is a great story in a time where we have tv show's like " selfie" and other shallow tv shows, this brings more to the table, with a little comedy, suspense, mystery,etc... So if you are unsure weather you should watch or not, I strongly recommend, it will not be a waste of time. Seems like it could be a good one, can't wait to see more.
  • Aug 10, 2015
    Great show..loved it
  • Aug 09, 2015
    Not to bad of a start for a pilot, guess throwing in to much sex was a turn off for people. What did you expect when watching a Casanova tv series. I expected seduction, which I guess there wasn't much of. Not enough draw was my consensus to keep you going from scene to scene or episode to episode. So it never made it past the pilot.
  • Aug 08, 2015
    This show really threw me for a loop. At first, I thought it was going to be about debaucheries committed by Casanova as he lived his life in Paris. They show you an overwhelming amount of beautiful women with corsets that really…uh….accentuate their beauty. As the show goes on though, they really capture the personality of Casanova. You know from the very beginning that he was a sexual deviant. And then suddenly, everything takes a turn when they delved deeper into his life about Alchemy, politics, and even espionage. What really astounded me about this show was the amount of details put into the costumes and the scenery. It was absolutely AMAZING to see the amount of thought put into the show and you can actually feel the atmosphere and culture. Everything from clothing designs to walks in the street really captured essence of France. What this show did lack, however, was suspense. There were no moments in the episode where I was on the edge of my seat. At no point in the show made me believe that this man was in any real danger. I am certain that it will get much better further on. This first episode was more to show you the beginnings of Casanova and setting the groundwork for much better things later on. Can’t wait to see more episodes, this show definitely has a lot of potential!

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