One Good Turn


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Conclusion. Jackson is the lone witness to a possible drowning in the Firth of Forth, but has little to go on beyond the victim's earrings. In other events, a crime novelist (Adam Godley) intervenes in a case of road rage; a comatose crook's wife and dominatrix unexpectedly bond; and Jackson isn't sure he'll sign the necessary papers so that his daughter can move to New Zealand with her mother.


Jason Isaacs
as Jackson Brodie
Amanda Abbington
as DC Louise Munroe
Natasha Little
as Julia Land
Kirsty Mitchell
as Josie Brodie
Zawe Ashton
as Deborah Arnold
Millie Innes
as Marlee Brodie
Edward Corrie
as Marcus Stewart
Adam Godley
as Martin Canning
Keith Allen
as Richard Moat
Marion Bailey
as Gloria Hatter
Simon Weir
as Paul Bradley
Brian McCardie
as Terence Smith
Maarten Stevenson
as Archie Munroe
Rory Barraclough
as Young Jackson
Allan Lindsay
as Francis Brodie
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