Sins of the Father


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Merlin sends Anna a rose; Ryan and Duffy continue to plan their business venture; Dillon and Roxy have a tender moment in the elevator. Anna: Zita Sattar. Merlin: Orlando Seale. Ryan: Russell Boulter.


Derek Thompson
as Charlie Fairhead
Julia Watson
as Barbara `Baz' Hayes
Ian Bleasdale
as Josh Griffiths
Sorcha Cusack
as Kate Wilson
Gray O'Brien
as Richard McCabe
Lisa Coleman
as Jude Kocarnik
Ganiat Kasumu
as Gloria Hammond
Jonathan Kerrigan
as Sam Colloby
Zita Sattar
as Anna Paul
Orlando Seale
as Merlin Jameson
Russell Boulter
as Ryan Johnson
Catherine Shipton
as Lisa `Duffy' Duffin
Dan Rymer
as Dillon Cahill
Louise Brealey
as Roxanne `Roxy' Bird
Loo Brealey
as Roxanne `Roxy' Bird
Ben Price
as Nathan Spencer
Suzanne Packer
as Tess Bateman
Jane Hazlegrove
as Kathleen Dixon
Georgia Taylor
as Ruth Winters
Michael French
as Nick Jordan
Steven Miller
as Lenny Lyons
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