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Nina's heroic actions save cross-country runners from disaster, but then her over-eagerness ruins things. Selena is made to feel uncomfortable by Nathan. Comfort feels out of practice when she receives some male attention.

Cast & Crew

Derek Thompson
Charlie Fairhead
Suzanne Packer
Tess Bateman
Simon MacCorkindale
Harry Harper
Elizabeth Carling
Selena Donovan
Susan Cookson
Maggie Coldwell
Elyes Gabel
Gurpreet "Guppy" Sandhu
James Redmond
John "Abs" Denham
Martina Laird
Comfort Newton
Luke Bailey
Sam Bateman
Will Thorp
Paul "Woody" Joyner
Matthew Wait
Luke Warren
Janine Mellor
Kelsey Phillips
Ben Price
Nathan Spencer
Sam Grey
Alice Chantrey
Kip Gamblin
Greg Fallon
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