Entry Wounds - Part 2


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The ED staff continue to deal with their most challenging day yet after a shooting at a local college.


Derek Thompson
as Charlie Fairhead
Charles Venn
as Jacob Masters
Julia Watson
as Barbara `Baz' Hayes
Ian Bleasdale
as Josh Griffiths
Amanda Mealing
as Connie Beauchamp
Sorcha Cusack
as Kate Wilson
William Beck
as Dylan Keogh
Gray O'Brien
as Richard McCabe
Jamie Davis
as Max Walker
Lisa Coleman
as Jude Kocarnik
Tony Marshall
as Noel Garcia
Ganiat Kasumu
as Gloria Hammond
Jonathan Kerrigan
as Sam Colloby
Jason Durr
as David Hide
Azuka Oforka
as Louise Tyler
Ben Price
as Nathan Spencer
Amanda Henderson
as Robyn Miller
Adjoa Andoh
as Colette Griffiths
Crystal Yu
as Lily Chao
Dan Rymer
as Dillon Cahill
George Rainsford
as Ethan Hardy
Catherine Shipton
as Dillon Cahill
Jaye Griffiths
as Elle Gardner
Russell Boulter
as Duffy Duffin
Lloyd Everitt
as Jez Andrews
Lee Warburton
as Ryan Johnson
Sarah Manners
as Tony Vincent
Suzanne Packer
as Tess Bateman
Jane Hazlegrove
as Kathleen Dixon
Georgia Taylor
as Ruth Winters
Michael French
as Nick Jordan
Steven Miller
as Lenny Lyons
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