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After a terrifying day, Connie gets some perspective when she is faced with the prospect of never seeing Grace again.


Lee Mead
as Lofty Chiltern
Charles Venn
as Jacob Masters
William Beck
as Dylan Keogh
Sunetra Sarker
as Zoe Hanna
Jamie Davis
as Max Walker
Amanda Mealing
as Connie Beauchamp
Charles Dale
as Mackenzie "Big Mac" Chalker
Tony Marshall
as Noel Garcia
Azuka Oforka
as Louise Tyler
Amanda Henderson
as Robyn Miller
Crystal Yu
as Lily Chao
Chloe Howman
as Rita Freeman
George Rainsford
as Ethan Hardy
Richard Winsor
as Caleb "Cal" Knight
Alistair Brammer
as Jack Diamond
Emily Carey
as Grace Beauchamp
Hannah Spearritt
as Mercedes Christie
Toby Murray
as Connor Christie
Andrew Knott
as Vince Callaghan
Kelli Hollis
as Shelle Jones
James Barriscale
as Ewan Watts
Ian Donnelly
as Jimmy O'Connor
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