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(Episode 6)


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Documentary series following life on the English Channel, the busiest waterway in the world. The crew of the Galatea are called out to a damaged light vessel which is marking a hazardous sandbank in the Dover Straits. But their mission to tow it into harbour for repair becomes increasingly perilous when Hurricane Bertha closes in on the channel. In Southampton's busy docks, 30 cranes work day and night to unload the 100 million tonnes of freight that come into the UK every year. But they are 400 feet tall and learning to drive them is not an easy job, as trainee dock worker Ryan soon finds out. Off the coast of Weymouth, two rival skippers go head to head in an epic big fish competition. Over three days every year, up to a hundred anglers compete to catch one of the channel's largest native fish - the mighty conger eel. With 50 years maritime experience, Paul Whittle has been top skipper five times - but can rival Adrian Brown steal his crown?

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