Diane's Allergy


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Diane (Shelley Long) is delighted when Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) asks her to move in with him. Unfortunately, she turns out to be allergic to Frasier's dog. Sam (Ted Danson) is skeptical about this turn of events, convinced that Diane's allergy is psychosomatic -- a conviction that seems confirmed when Diane continues sneezing even ever Frasier gives the dog away. Meanwhile, the gang tries to find an appropriately amusing gift for Carla's (Rhea Perlman) birthday.


Ted Danson
as Sam Malone
Shelley Long
as Diane Chambers
Kelsey Grammer
as Dr. Frasier Crane
Rhea Perlman
as Carla Tortelli
Nicholas Colasanto
as Ernie `Coach' Pantusso
George Wendt
as Norm Peterson
Jahn Ratzenberger
as Cliff Clavin
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