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A mysterious and ominously silent stranger comes into Cheers, putting everyone on edge wondering who he is and what he wants. It turns out that the stranger's visit was arranged by Diane (Shelley Long), who is conducting an experiment on paranoid behavior. The gang calmly lets Diane know that they intend to even the score, very soon -- whereupon she becomes a dictionary definition of galloping paranoia.


Ted Danson
as Sam Malone
Shelley Long
as Diane Chambers
Rhea Perlman
as Carla Tortelli
Woody Harrelson
as Woody Boyd
John Ratzenberger
as Cliff Clavin
Goerge Wendt
as Norm Peterson
Kelsey Grammer
as Dr. Frasier Crane
Hamilton Camp
as Martin Gallagher
Hamilton Camp
as Martin Gallagher
Joseph Paz
as Customer
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