Days of Wine and Neuroses


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In episode one of a two-part story, Robin Colcord (Roger Rees) celebrates his release from prison by proposing to Rebecca (Kirstie Alley). She instantly accepts -- only to have second thoughts after a few too many drinks at her bridal shower. Meanwhile, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) has become addicted to the bar's new singalong karaoke machine. Originally slated to air January 17, 1991, this episode was bumped forward one week by network coverage of the Persian Gulf War.


Ted Danson
as Sam Malone
Kirstie Alley
as Rebecca Howe
Rhea Perlman
as Carla LeBec
Woody Harrelson
as Woody Boyd
George Wendt
as Norm Peterson
John Ratzenberger
as Cliff Clavin
Kelsey Grammer
as Dr. Frasier Crane
Roger Rees
as Robin Colcord
Bebe Neuwirth
as Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane
Roger Rees
as Robin Colcord
Shad Willingham
as Deliveryman
Shad Willingham
as Delivery Man
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