To Your Health


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A farmer claims that his highway mishaps were not accidental and someone is trying to kill him. Tom: Paul Sale. Jon: Larry Wilcox. Carl: Robert Ginty. Ponch: Erik Estrada. Jason: K.C. Martel. Getraer: Robert Pine. Tower: Linden Chiles. Bonnie: Randi Oakes. Jill: Elissa Leeds. Baricza: Brodie Greer. Dani: Patch McKenzie. Turner: Michael Dorn.


Larry Wilcox
as Off. Jon Baker
Erik Estrada
as Off. Frank `Ponch' Poncherello
Robert Pine
as Sgt. Joe Getraer
Brodie Greer
as Officer Baricza
Randi Oakes
as Off. Bonnie Clark
Michael Dorn
as Officer Turner
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