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Cold Case (2003 - 2010)

Cold Case (2003 - 2010)






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A nail-biter from Jerry Bruckheimer revolves around Philadelphia homicide detective Lilly Rush, whose investigation of long-unsolved crimes is driven by the belief that 'people shouldn't be forgotten.'more


Cold Case: Season 7
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2009, CBS, 22 episodes

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2008, CBS, 23 episodes

Cold Case: Season 5
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2007, CBS, 18 episodes

Cold Case: Season 4
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2006, CBS, 24 episodes

Cold Case: Season 3
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2005, CBS, 23 episodes

Cold Case: Season 2
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2004, CBS, 23 episodes

Cold Case: Season 1
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2003, CBS, 23 episodes

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Kathryn Morris
as Lilly Rush
Brandon Routh
as Young Henry Phillips
Rodney Holland
as Construction Worker ...
John Finn
as John Stillman
Vanessa L. Williams
as Crystal Stacy
Thom Barry
as Will Jeffries
Obba Babatundé
as Dr. Octavius Leroy
Justin Chambers
as Det. Chris Lassing
D.W. Moffett
as Todd Whitley
Cory Hardrict
as Jay Washington
Cory C. Hardrict
as Jay Washington
Gwendolyn Whiteside
as Gail Chimayo
Jake Bern
as James Hogan
Danny Pino
as Scotty Valens
Patrick MacManus
as Steve Holtz
Kip Martin
as Young Todd
Christina Cox
as Sherry Fox
Meta Golding
as Sadie Douglas
Mehcad Brooks
as Herman Lester
Nicki Aycox
as Christina Rush
Carly Schroeder
as Young Brandi
Bruce A. Young
as Cedric Booker
Conor Dubin
as Benny Rosen
Laura Regan
as Rosie Miles
Anthony John Crane
as Young Stillman
Jeffrey Nordling
as Roy Minard
Matt Bushell
as Butch Rinaldi
Nicki Lynn Aycox
as Christina Rush
Chad E. Donella
as Jeff Kern
Marla Gibbs
as Little Georgie
Sarah Brown
as Josie Sutton
Samantha Eggar
as Sister Vivian
John Walcutt
as Mitchell Bayes
Christopher Shea
as Larry Detroit
Chris Beckwith
as Matt Mills
Chad Donella
as Jeff Kern
Howard Mungo
as James Upshaw
Chris Sarandon
as Adam Clarke
Bug Hall
as Matthew Adams
Cayden Boyd
as Kyle Bream
Linda Purl
as Diane Moore
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