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August 29, 2018
love this show it was just starting to get excellent and USA made a stupid choice to Cancel this show.
August 20, 2018
Finally finished Colony Season 3. I can see why it was cancelled. The main plot arc has developed like molasses over 3 years, with interesting stuff being released drip by drip at an agonising pace. After 3 years, just when things are finally happening and the Moon has been nuked, the Earth puppet leadership has been killed, Earth is being attacked from outer space by a bunch of frogheads, and the whole human race may be wiped out in a matter of hours... we are supposed to care about the Bowman family's marital problems. Yes, long, torturous minutes were spent on this over many segments in the last 3 episodes, because, apparently, with the Earth about to be destroyed, what's important are peoples' feelings. FFS. I would have cancelled it too. On top of all that, the Season Finale had no great drama and no real cliffhangers. Huge letdown. The producers should have said no to drugs.
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