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Exciting prequel to "Lonesome Dove" detailing the adventures of Texas Rangers Gus McCrae (Steve Zahn) and Woodrow Call (Karl Urban). In Part 1 of 3, the Rangers track a notorious horse thief, and Gus and Woodrow are promoted to captains after their leader, Capt. Scull (Val Kilmer), abandons his men to search for his beloved horse that is stolen. Also: Gus courts Clara, a local Austin beauty, and Scull's wife takes up with Jake Spoon, a young Ranger.


Val Kilmer
as Inish Scull
Steve Zahn
as Gus McCrae
Rachel Griffiths
as Inez Scull
Karl Urban
as Woodrow Call
Linda Cardellini
as Clara Forsythe
Elizabeth Banks
as Maggie Tilton
Wes Studi
as Buffalo Hump
Jonathan Joss
as Kicking Wolf
Josh Berry
as Bob Allen
David Midthunder
as Famous Shoes
Adam Beach
as Blue Duck
Sal Lopez
as Ahumado
Ryan Merriman
as Jake Spoon
James Rebhorn
as Gov. Elisha Pease
Ray McKinnon
as Bill Coleman
Keith Robinson
as Joshua Deets
Melanie Lynskey
as Pearl Coleman
Kristine Sutherland
as Elmira Forsythe
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
as First Old Comanche
Troy Baker
as Pea Eye Parker
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