It's My Party


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Rebecca and Bobby operate on a severely wounded soldier, and the blood supply dwindles; Simon runs into an old flame (Tia Carrere), a photojournalist who sparks his interest anew; Marks names Rebecca as morale officer; and Vans discovers a new talent.


Elias Koteas
as Col. Marks
Michelle Borth
as Dr. Rebecca Gordon
Luke Mably
as Dr. Simon Hill
Deborah Kara Unger
as Maj. Ada Pedersen
Terry Chen
as Capt. Bobby Trang
Arnold Pinnock
as Cmdr. Will Royal
Tia Carrere
as Jessica Draycott
Daniel Fathers
as Sgt. Harry Gleed
Adam Butcher
as PFC Avery Jenkins
Ashton Doudelet
as Pvt. Graham Barford
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