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Cowboy Bebop: Series 1 Episode 16 Reviews

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Allyson Johnson
The Mary Sue
May 7, 2018

We're saddled with a Jet-heavy episode that relies fully on his character to keep us interested, something that's proven in the past to be rather ineffective.

Kyle Anderson
May 7, 2018

This episode plays out almost exactly like a noir, with the past catching up to someone who is ostensibly a private eye and it ends in the same life or death scenario with the hero fully accepting that he won't come back.

Simon Abrams
AV Club
Top Critic
May 7, 2018

Watanabe's direction really does work wonders this episode... Because good directing can make you suspend your disbelief, even when the material it's fleshing out isn't always as good as it should be.

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