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Air date: Sep 28, 2016
Air date: Oct 5, 2016
Air date: Oct 12, 2016
Air date: Oct 26, 2016
Air date: Nov 2, 2016
Air date: Nov 16, 2016
Air date: Nov 30, 2016
Air date: Dec 7, 2016
Air date: Jan 4, 2017
Air date: Jan 11, 2017
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Loyalties, friendships and sanity are tested in this season of "Criminal Minds." Dr.Spencer Reid (Matthew Grey Grubler) is now being put through his greatest of all tribulations, on top of his ongoing struggles dealing with his mother. SSA Jennifer Jeraue (AJ Cook) is becoming very aware the toll the job is taking on her personal life, making her question if the BAU is truly for her. SSA Rossi (Joe Mantegna) is forced once again to step up and lead the BAU, while SSA Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) is on a temporary work assignment. As Dr. Lewis (Aisha Tyler) and Agent Aleverez (Adam Rodriguez) adjust to life with the BAU, Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is still dealing with the absence of Derek Morgan (Shamar Moore), which greatly changes her demeanor this season.


Joe Mantegna
as David Rossi
Matthew Gray Gubler
as Dr. Spencer Reid
A.J. Cook
as Jennifer 'J.J.' Jareau
Kirsten Vangsness
as Penelope Garcia
Paget Brewster
as Emily Prentiss
Adam Rodriguez
as Luke Alvez
Aisha Tyler
as Dr. Tara Lewis
Damon Gupton
as Stephen Walker
Thomas Gibson
as Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner
Bodhi Elfman
as Peter Lewis
Jane Lynch
as Diana Reid
Richard T. Jones
as Guard Lionel Wilkins
Jeananne Goossen
as Fiona Duncan
Alimi Ballard
as Desmond Holt
Chris Owen
as Kevin Decker
Terrence Terrell
as Gabriel Lewis
Courtney Halverson
as Cherry Rollins
Gia Mantegna
as Lindsey Vaughn
Stan Shaw
as Albert Lewis
Susan Beaubian
as Judge Willa Frost
Mary K. DeVault
as Alison Shines
Margarita Franco
as Capt. Ferreri
Antonio Leon
as Manny Martinez
Nick Jaine
as Theo Goss
Alan Heitz
as Bill Shines
Eddie Alfano
as Frazier
Shae Smolik
as Hannah Shines
Toni Torres
as Lori Johnson
Jessica Watkin
as Young Tara
Phillip Garcia
as Randall Harris
Ani Sava
as Rosa Medina
Spence Moore II
as Young Gabriel
Mary Manofsky
as Anne Baldwin
Lachlan Buchanan
as Stuart Baker
Courtney Gains
as Todd Burton
Josh Stewart
as Will LaMontagne Jr.
Tatum O'Neal
as Miranda White
Jim Turner
as Chief Jim Cooper
Spencer Ward
as Young Kevin
Adam Nelson
as Tommy Yates
Niko Nicotera
as John Malone
Joey Bragg
as Kyle Ecklund
Ivan Hernandez
as Mark Tolson
Erich Lane
as Alan Crawford
Erik Stocklin
as Brian Phillips
Jaylin Ogle
as Roberto Morales
Sherilyn Fenn
as Gloria Baker
John Cothran Jr
as Trooper Jim Carson
Brett Rickaby
as Deeley Henson
Heidi Sulzman
as Sgt. Suzanne Kuroda
Blake Webb
as Ben Davis
Tracie Thoms
as Monica Walker
Shemar Moore
as Derek Morgan
Travis Greer
as Guard Butler
Gideon Adlon
as Katie Hammond
Eric Henry
as Bryce Jarvis
Frank Gerrish
as Pete Abadilla
Wayne Lopez
as Det. Baez
Johnny Wactor
as Trey Gordon
Robert Ray Shafer
as Chief Arthur Emmett
Jake O'Flaherty
as Colin Maynard
Daniel Henney
as Matthew Simmons
Corby Sullivan
as Guard Tidwell
Hart Bochner
as Sam Bower
Genneya Walton
as Francesca Morales
Hector Hugo
as Det. Sam Ogilvie
Murphy Cross
as Virginia Davis
Kaylee Bryant
as Amanda Bergstrom
Van Crosby
as Josh Harmon
Shayla Hale
as Sheffield
Chris Parks
as Brent Miller
Ren Hanami
as Dr. Marion Rillo
Robert Torti
as Sheriff Scott Paseo
Antonia Jones
as Lisa Bower
Chrisanne Eastwood
as Patricia Olwyler
Rosemary Dominguez
as Marta Calderon
Rick Gifford
as Hal Clayton
Mekhai Andersen
as Henry LaMontagne
Gretchen Lodge
as Lynelle Barker
Nick Gore
as P.K. Riggins
Joyce Guy
as Joan Grayson
Aidan Bristow
as Danny White
Jeff Kongs
as Officer Chet Dewey
David Barrera
as Mario Casteneda
Oleg Zatsepin
as Bob Joplin
Jacob Houston
as Zach Peterson
Dia Frampton
as Jill Flanagan
Joey Jennings
as Jonathan Rhodes
Amy Landon
as Carla Jean Birch
Dionne Gipson
as Renee Morales
Brandon Logan
as Bones Jarvis
Ashwin Gore
as Larabee
Carlos Arellano
as Chief Bailor
Crystal-Lee Naomi
as Gigi Stevens
Trevor Black
as Sheriff Wilson
Jeffrey Markle
as Harry Greenberg
Heather Ankeny
as Liz Hammond
Robert Miano
as Prospector
Tripp Pickell
as Howard Walker
David Carreno
as Officer Cabrera
James Gaisford
as Colton Davis
Ilia Volok
as Dmitri Sobchek
William C. Mitchell
as Warden Harding
Ellen D. Williams
as Dawn Durboraw
Andy Cohen
as Kevin Hilliard
Leah McKendrick
as Alyssa Miles
Chanty Sok
as Neela Travers
Chase Kim
as Kevin Cho
D'Arcy Fellona
as Kim Conti
Amelia Champion
as Angela Mastriano
Tim Abell
as Earl Roy Everton
Dalton Gray
as Matt Doherty
Joshua Hoffman
as Young Deeley Henson
Joshua Hoffman
as Young Deeley Henson
Andy Cohen
as Kevin Hilliard
Pancho Cardena
as Cell Mate
Minerva Garcia
as Elizabeth Padilla
Eric Deskin
as Alex McLean
Kevin Will
as John Fords
Matt Raimo
as Mike Hood
Adam Ferrara
as Bob Hammond
Dusty Sorg
as Cormac Burton
Tarina Pouncy
as Claire Vendi
Jacob Loeb
as Joey Fletcher
Beth Riesgraf
as Maeve Donovan
Rick Cramer
as Curtis Burton
Therese McLaughlin
as Jody Wilson
Brandon Moten
as Mark Keeling
Jeannie Bolét
as Capt. Gail Stoll
Ebboney Wilson
as Lyn Anastasio
Kailena Mai
as Amalia Banks
Maia Schobel
as Maddison Mastriano
Rawann Gracie
as Younger Danny
Kraig Dane
as Daniel Cullen
Eric Murdoch
as John David Bates
Tony Espinosa
as Malcolm Landon
Shaughn Buchholz
as Eric Bakken
Alex Rubin
as Young John Henry Henson
Darren Barnet
as Zach Bower
Rick Kelly
as John Decker
Nikki Crawford
as Maria Grace
Ellington Ratliff
as Ronnie Hawks
Hannah Spiros
as Young Allie Henson
Zack Radvansky
as Tim Dellinger
Drew Fonteiro
as Jon Kreutzmann
Lony'e Perrine
as Stephanie Turner
Heather Hopkins
as Teen Girl
Thai Douglas
as Joe Vendi
Will Finley
as Mike Bollinger
Kandis Mak
as Serena Adams
Sarah Buehler
as Mistress Magdaline
Greg Yoder
as Grief-striken Father
Parker C. Hix
as Young Todd
Rudy Marquez
as Owen Sims
Zachary Abel
as Bill Seavers
Vivian Benitez
as Lisa Jackson
Cathy Lynn Yonek
as Grief-striken Mother
Esodie Geiger
as M.E. Sterling
Ian Kerch
as Paul McConnell
Ashlynn Ross
as Chelsea Carter
Allison Caetano
as Lisa Barclay
Mary Manofsky
as Anne Baldwin
Madonna Magee
as Mae Wilson
Matt Cornett
as Austin Settergren
Ahmad Dugas
as Jimmy Ridley
Jhey Castles
as Newscaster
Drew Bell
as Mitch Settergren
Gordon James Asti
as Michael Lee Hill
Drea Garcia
as Beth Sims
Fredric Lehne
as Jack Vaughn
Ciara Caneega
as Trisha Bates
Toneey Acevedo
as Homeless Man
Alison Michelle
as Michelle Adams
Josh Drennen
as Bartender
Brooke Culbertson
as Officer Dewey's Wife
Rob Zabrecky
as John Henry Henson
Jami Ferreira
as Gail Phillips
Kevin Sifuentes
as Dan Riggins
Mo Anouti
as Milos
Marabina Jaimes
as Newscaster
Neil Colin
as Paul Adams
David Wunderlich
as Ron Fergusson
Erin McIntosh
as Fantasy Victim
Beth Maitland
as Eleanor Parsons
Ervin Ross
as Court Clerk
Najarra Townsend
as Regina Franklin
Bjarne Hecht
as George Findley
Lorenzo Bastien
as Boyfriend
Gary Kasper
as Samuel Gordon
Pilar Holland
as Colleen Riggins
Tricia Cruz
as Lenore Purcell
Lisa Maley
as Reporter
Jill Whelan
as Principal Vicki Dahl
Shirell Ferguson
as Brandi's Mom
Hal Devi
as Guard Tyler
John O'Brien
as Dr. Meyer
Colleen Labella
as Melinda Carroll
Joseph Will
as Rick Purcell
Angela Robinson
as Cassie Campbell
David Futernick
as George Cunningham
Tansy Alexander
as Regina's Mom
Andrew Liberty
as Dale Ericsson
Truly Magyar
as Allie Henson
Jessica Greer
as Tammy Ericsson
Mark Fite
as Regina's Dad
Shawn Lockie
as Joy Harmon
Karibel Rodriquez
as Brandy Moore
Hunter Payton
as Kevin Bergstrom
Marcus Hanson
as Bill Jarvis
Remington Hoffman
as Wesley Parham
Kelli Barksdale
as Grace Doherty
Atticus Todd
as Chess Inmate
Moritz J. Williams
as David Turner
John Grohl
as Christian
Keith Antone
as Nick Goode
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Adam Rodriguez isn't Shemar Moore. But different doesn't have to mean worse.

Oct 16, 2018 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

Seeing the newbies get so much action on the very first case of the season was promising to their development.

Oct 16, 2018 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Criminal Minds: Season 12

  • Aug 22, 2018
    Criminal Minds: Season 12 It is rather rare for a television series to avoid cancellation for more than a handful of seasons. Of late this trend has been exasperated by the substantial proliferation of venues to present the shows. With sources including broadcast and cable television now alongside a growing number of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon the competition for viewership. For ‘Criminal Mind to last beyond a dozen years is a significant testimony to the writers, directors, and cast. Only a couple of shows have managed longevity while retaining the same cast. Part of this show’s success is due to the willingness of the showrunners to permit the storylines to accommodate a robust turnover in the principal cast. Of the members of the original cast only three are still around; SSA Spencer Reid, Ph.D. (Matthew Gray Gubler), SSR Jennifer "JJ" Jareau (A.J. Cook) and Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness). With the start of this season, the cast reduced to a chartered character and fan favorite, SSA Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore). Of all the storylines used to prepare for the exit of a character, last season’s final episodes with Morgan were arguably among the most well-constructed and thrillingly executed of ant TV series I have seen. The commitment to telling realistic stories includes believable reasons for their exits usually avoiding the hackneyed tragic death. Derek was hunted, kidnapped and brutally tortured surviving by sheer willpower and training. He then left the BAU to attempt to normalize his left and spend more time with his new wife and their child. He was such a central character, crucial to the emotional and physiological development of many characters. For a showrunner to address such a significant loss and change to the social dynamic without destroying the continuity is a testament to the quality of the creative people on both sides of the camera. This season picks up in the aftermath of these changes. Short staffed the current BAU Unit Chief, SSA Emily Prentis (Paget Brewster), had to hire a replacement. The newest addition to the BAU is Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez). A native son of The Bronx and seasoned former US Army Ranger, Luke immediately become an integral team member resulting from his intelligence and common sense. Is participation is put to the test when Spencer is framed for murder while in Mexico? Spencer was down there to purchase legal medicine that seemed to help manage the symptoms of his mother’s Diana (Jane Lynch) schizophrenia. Exasperating his legal predicament Spencer did not follow protocol informing the FBI of his leaving the country. This denied him any protection of the Bureau as he is arrested and placed in a Mexican prison. Another strength of the series is how it extends beyond the traditional precepts of a crime procedural by concentrating on the emotional state and psychological issues each character faces. Reid usually comes across as the academic, a man capable of deep thought but not the resiliency required to survive a Mexican prison. Mr. Gubler has always been a consistently strong and versatile performer who continually expands the depth of his character. Reid is a genius with an eidetic memory, multiple doctorates and an incredible ability to consume, process and utilizes huge amounts of information. In most instances, a character like this would be wasted, painted into a corner with little if an opportunity to develop. Reid is pushed to the limit of is endurance. His vast intellect is only marginally helpful, but he can summon sufficient strength to hold out until the team could extricate him from that circle of hell. Prentiss hires him a lawyer in hopes of clearing up the false charges but Reid’s memories, always his rock-steady foundation, are misleading and obviously tempered with raising doubts about his innocence. The culprit behind this appears to be a former adversary of the unit who has been systematically targeting members of the team undermining them sadistically psychologically in the hope of breaking them completely. During much of the season, the narrative is split between Reid’s desperate attempt to retain his sanity and hold fast to his integrity and the BAU continuing as best as they can while worrying about him. The emotional heart of the team has always been Penelope, who has made teammates into a caring family. She always had a special relationship with Derek and had taken it very hard when he left. The father figure of the group, former bureau chief, SSA Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), was forced into Federal witness protection because of the of the menacing unsub, Mr. Scratch (Bodhi Elfman). Now with Spencer in prison, Penelope is reeling from the disintegration of her life and the tragedy inflicted on the people she loves. Ms. Vangsness originally contracted for a single appearance but brought so much to the role that she was an instant fan favorite. The technical analysis is typically a one-dimensional source of exposition and technical jargon, but in this series, her character is the connective tissue holding everything together. Following a very popular formula, the stories in this series are typically a mixture of a serialized main\plot line punctuated with episodic cases contained in a single episode. The first portion of the season has the team tracking down thirteen serial killers who escaped from prison three months earlier. This provided a loose connection between the unsubs without requiring any substantial interaction. Rather than requiring contrived links between the killers each of the 13 are unique, joined as a form of plot coupons with the convicted serial killer as the only point of commonality. The creative twist with the storytelling has kept the series interesting for such a considerable run. There were a couple of one-off episodes used to fine tune the pacing and afford an imaginative way of introducing some of the character’s backstory and career history. The primary example of this occurs when SSA David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), is a guest lecturer at the FBI Academy. Has one of the founders of the BAU and a bestselling author, Rossi is a natural storyteller, a talent that has made him exceptionally wealthy. Joined by Emily and SSA Stephen Walker (Damon Gupton), they present old cases to the recruits. During this time Rossi receives information that pulls him back to one of his first cases. As one of the original agents in the BAU Rossi is occasionally singled out for flashback oriented episodes that highlight the progression of forensic profiling as an accepted tool for capturing serial killers. As the agent with the most seniority, it would have been logical to have him become Bureau Chief when Hoch left. It was explained that he detested the bureaucratic responsibilities of the position. Although this was very much a rebuilding season, the series not only survived the departure of two of the original cast but flourished. In an elite unit such as this turnover is expected and denying that would taint the show as unrealistic. Reorganizations and personnel are part of the show’s progression and contributed to the robust nature of its longevity. I’m still an avid fan even after a dozen years. bullet The Family Unit bullet Director's Chair bullet Victimology bullet The Prisoner bullet Gag Reel bullet 4th Life bullet Deleted/Extended Scene on Selevt Episodes bullet Audio Commentaries on Selected Episodes
  • Feb 08, 2017
    Great cast and stories! Nothing political>

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