Summer in the City


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An expert climber scales the Empire State Building and witnesses a murder on the 34th floor before falling to his death. Mac and Hawkes, who recently transferred to the field, work the case. The murder victim is the head of a prestigious law firm located in the building. Across town, Stella investigates the death of a man found wearing a diamond-studded bra worth millions, and Aiden tracks a rapist who attacked the same woman twice.


Gary Sinise
as Det. Mac Taylor
Melina Kanakaredes
as Det. Stella Bonasera
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Danny Messer
Hill Harper
as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Vanessa Ferlito
as Aiden Burn
Eddie Cahill
as Det. Don Flack
Ron Yuan
as Dr. Evan Zao
Alla Korot
as Connie Williams
Tom Schanley
as Eli Bishop
Jamie Elman
as Adam Sorenson
Katherine Boecher
as Nicole Jordan
Amy Stewart
as Brenda Dillard
Elizabeth Bennet
as Regina Bowen
Peter Dobson
as Fred Becker
Mark Alken
as Whitman Price
Gary Kasper
as Bodyguard
John E. Johnson
as Photographer
John Johnson
as Photographer
Allen Lulu
as Officer
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