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Back in Lichfield, six months after Dale's dramatic departure. Rachel is still heartbroken, but has managed to salvage a certain friendship with her jilted former fiance, Ben. Just as life looks like it's about to return to normal in the Thompson household, a transformed Dale returns from China to shake things up all over again.


Greg Davies
as Ken Thompson
Helen Baxendale
as Lorna Thompson
Esther Smith
as Rachel Thompson (Series 2)
Tyger Drew-Honey
as Honey - Dylan Thompson
Taylor Lautner
as Dale Jr.
David Y. Cheung
as Dreadlock Guy
Leon Sua
as Beardy Henchman
Jean-Paul Ly
as Neck Tattooed Guy
Ciaran Dowd
as Dr Stokes
Lorna Gayle
as Midwife
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