The Prophecy of St. Clare


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On the set of the Cult television show, Skye consoles Edie MacDonald (guest star SHAUNA JOHANNESEN), the actress who plays Meadow, after she confesses to being spooked by a pair of figurines she recognizes from her childhood. Jeff and Skye pay a visit to Edies mother (guest star TERYL ROTHERY Kyle XY). Peter (guest star BEN HOLLINGSWORTH) continues to spy on Skye. Meanwhile, on the television show, Billy nears his breaking point.


Alona Tal
as Kelly Collins
Jessica Lucas
as Skye Yarrow
Matthew Davis
as Jeff Sefton
Robert Knepper
as Roger Reeves/Billy Grimm
Shauna Johannesen
as Edie MacDonald
Teryl Rothery
as Edie's Mother
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