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Stuart tasks Nate with deciphering the copy of Kellians manuscript but Cameron (guest star ERIC LANGE) remains skeptical that Nate can uncover the answers about the Moon Hill parents. Nate asks Allegra to get a message to Jeffif she makes it out alive. Nate reveals to Stuart that 32 followers disappeared from Moon Hill, and gives Stuart a phone number that he found repeated in the manuscripts code. Jeff and Skye remain in hiding from the True Believers, now that Stuart knows that they know his true identity. Meanwhile, on the inside show, Billy has tracked Henry (guest star FRANK CASSINI), the killer of Kelly and Meadows parents, and holds him captive. Kelly begins to unravel emotionally as she wrestles with unresolved feeling about her parents murders.


Alona Tal
as Kelly Collins
Jessica Lucas
as Skye Yarrow
Matthew Davis
as Jeff Sefton
Robert Knepper
as Roger Reeves/Billy Grimm
Sheila Vand
as Allegra
Eric Lange
as Cameron
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