The Benadryl Brownie


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Richard Lewis tells Larry (Larry David) that he's found "the one," his new girlfriend Deborah (Robin McDonald). He's a little concerned, though, because she's a Christian Scientist. "It's a nightmare for me because I'm under the weather 99 percent of the time," Richard explains. Larry buys a new cell phone, based on Richard's recommendation, and uses it to call Cheryl (Cheryl Hines). He tells her to call the chef from the restaurant they're investing in, and get him to cater a dinner party, where they'll meet Deborah, and Richard will show them his new HBO special. Richard tells Larry to pass the word to the chef not to make anything with peanuts, because Deborah is highly allergic. The big night arrives, and Jeff (Jeff Garlin) shows up with brownies that his ex-wife Susie (Susie Essman) made, which Deborah enjoys. Things go awry, of course. First Larry can't figure out how to operate his VCR. Mike (Anthony Griffith), the electronics "expert" Larry hired, was supposed to put everything on one remote, but nothing is working. Then, Deborah starts to feel sick. She has an allergic reaction to the food. It turns out that Larry's cell phone dropped out when he gave Cheryl the vital information. Now, Larry has to fire Mike, and he feels uncomfortable about it because Mike is black. Meanwhile, Deborah has swelled up from her allergies, won't take any medication (due to her religious beliefs), and insists that Richard follow through on his promise to take her to the Emmys. Richard and Larry hatch a zany scheme to get Deborah to take some allergy medication by slipping it into the brownies she liked so much. Joan Rivers makes a guest appearance on this episode.


Larry David
as Larry David
Cheryl Hines
as Cheryl David
Jeff Garlin
as Jeff Greene
Richard Lewis
as Richard Lewis
Susie Essman
as Susie Greene
Diane Salinger
as Deborah's Mom
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