The Blind Date


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Larry (Larry David) is spending a lot of time taking care of Michael (Patrick Kerr), who broke up with his girlfriend after Larry told him she was not attractive. Later, when he has a problem with his car, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor give him a ride. Larry and Stiller get into a shouting match after Stiller drops Taylor off, because Larry refuses to move to the front seat for the rest of their short drive, which Stiller thinks makes him seem like Larry's chauffeur. "You know what makes you a baby?" Stiller screams at Larry. "The fact that you're a big, stupid baby!" Jeff (Jeff Garlin) upsets Larry by telling him that he had a vision of Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) while pleasuring himself. When Larry expresses his disgust, Jeff protests, "You can't control who pops in!" Mel Brooks later calls Larry in to tell him that Stiller has given him an ultimatum, and that he's decided to stick with Larry in the show and let Stiller go. After Larry leaves, Norm (Paul Mazursky) and Rudy (Rudy De Luca) question Brooks' decision, and Norm suggests that Larry might be mentally challenged. After Larry has Cheryl's car washed at a charity car wash operated by four mentally challenged men, he runs out of gas. Desperate to use the bathroom, he goes door-to-door in a well-to-do neighborhood, asking strangers to use their bathroom. Finally, a friendly Muslim woman (Moon Unit Zappa) wearing a burka lets Larry in, and Larry decides to fix her up with Michael.


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