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Patty and Ellen scramble to gain access to Nasim, while Boorman scrambles to keep that from happening; Ellen enlists a reporter (Griffin Dunne) to find Chris in Afghanistan; Erickson and another businessman (John Cullum) negotiate a land deal; and Michael surfaces in New York, looking for Catherine.


Glenn Close
as Patty Hewes
Rose Byrne
as Ellen Parsons
John Goodman
as Howard T. Erickson
Chris Messina
as Chris Sanchez
Dylan Baker
as Jerry Boorman
Benton Greene
as Trainee No. 2
John Cullum
as Ed O'Malley
Judd Hirsch
as Bill Herndon
Griffin Dunne
as Dean Gullickson
Zachary Booth
as Michael Hewes
Tom Noonan
as Det. Vic Huntley
Bailey Chase
as Sean Everett
David Pittu
as Jack Shaw
Adriane Lenox
as Angel Auroro
Azhar Khan
as Reza Asgari
Jordan Lage
as Trent Prowse
Seth Barrish
as Robert Owen
Frank Pando
as John Rosetti
Li Jun Li
as Maggie Huan
Aref Farraj III
as Middle Eastern Boy
Kiley Liddell
as Catherine Hewes
Jimmy Palumbo
as Guard No. 2
Bo Gorman
as Trainee No. 1
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