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DARK BLUE takes place in the underbelly of Los Angeles, where criminals roam free under the veil of night or hide in the shadows of daylight. Wandering in and out of this seedy underworld is just another day at the office for Lieutenant Carter Shaw and his special undercover task force, a team of police officers so covert, many of their own colleagues don't even know of their actions. They understand, better than anyone, that to bring down a criminal underworld one must first dive into its depths and get on the criminals' level. They know that in the world of law enforcement, being an undercover cop is among the most dangerous of jobs. They also know it is a huge adrenaline rush. In the season premiere, a sting operation against a local kingpin crosses paths with an FBI investigation, forcing Carter and his team to work with FBI Special Agent Alex Rice. When a close friend of Carter's is caught in the crossfire, his part of the investigation takes on a new purpose.


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