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As a hurricane roars into Capeside, Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Grams (Mary Beth Peil), Jen (Michelle Williams), Joey's very pregnant sister, Bessie (Nina Repeta), and her boyfriend, Bodie (Obi Ndefo), are trapped together at the Leery home. Gail (Mary-Margaret Humes) accepts that she must face the music in regards to her infidelity, while Dawson reaches the end of his emotional tether with all three of the women he cares about most. The good news for Pacey (Joshua Jackson) is that he is trapped with his lover, Tamara (Leann Hunley), the bad news is that his older brother, Doug Witter (Dylan Neal), is trapped with them.


James Van Der Beek
as Dawson Leery
Katie Holmes
as Joey Potter
Michelle Williams
as Jen Lindley
Joshua Jackson
as Pacey Witter
John Wesley Shipp
as Mitch Leery
Mary Beth Peil
as Evelyn "Grams" Ryan
Leann Hunley
as Tamara Jacobs
Dylan Neal
as Doug Witter
Nina Repeta
as Bessie Potter
Obi Ndefo
as Bodie
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