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It's deju vu all over again when Detective Brett Harper wakes up to discover that he has been accused of killing Assistant District Attorney Alberto Garza, and if forced to solve the mystery on his own when everyone refuses to believe his air-tight alibi. Unfortunately this waking nightmare doesn't let up when, upon awakening the next morning, Detective Harper relives the same day all over again while racing to save his endangered family.


Taye Diggs
as Det. Brett Hopper
Moon Bloodgood
as Rita Shelten
Meta Golding
as Jennifer Mathis
Victoria Pratt
as Andrea Battle
Ramon Rodríguez
as Damien Ortiz
Adam Baldwin
as Chad Shelten
Jonathan Banks
as Shadow Man
Mitch Pileggi
as Det. Spivak
Don Franklin
as Randall Mathis
Teddy Lane Jr.
as Mustache Cop
Dan Warner
as Deputy No. 1
Julie Claire
as Angela Rondello
Joyce Guy
as Judge
Kamal Marayati
as Mr. Zeitoun
Naz Deravian
as Kadira Zeitoun
Lorena Mena
as Jenga-Player Mom
Aramis Knight
as Jenga-Player Son
Clayton Rohner
as Surfer Dude
Chuck Bowman
as Traffic Reporter
Joe Nieves
as Fencik
John Rubinstein
as Barry Colburn
Laniesha-Jopre Irvin
as Mathis' Daughter
Kwesi Boakye
as Mathis' Son
Olivia Leigh
as Teenage Girl
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