What if He's Not Alone


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When Brett has a chance encounter with Jerry, he quickly discovers that he isn't the only one being forced to relive the same day time and again. Later, the revelation that there was an eyewitness to Garza's murder leads Brett to believe that there are some very powerful people tied to the conspiracy. The most troubling revelation, however, comes as Brett learns that even those closest to him may be consciously refraining from revealing some crucial bits of information.


Taye Diggs
as Det. Brett Hopper
Moon Bloodgood
as Rita Shelten
Meta Golding
as Jennifer Mathis
Victoria Pratt
as Andrea Battle
Ramon Rodríguez
as Damien Ortiz
Adam Baldwin
as Chad Shelten
John Rubinstein
as Barry Colburn
Dwier Brown
as Scott Sommer
Marlene Forte
as Julissa Garza
Clayton Rohner
as Surfer Dude/Jared Pryor
Mitch Pileggi
as Det. Spivak
Joe Nieves
as Fencik
Cameron Meyer
as Businesswoman
Cameron Meyer
as Businesswoman
Jeff Yagher
as Alexander Forasz
Ward Horton
as Concierge
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