Mother's Last Visit


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Irene Tedrow guest stars as Mr. Drummond's bourgeoisie mother in "Mother's Last Visit." When Mrs. Drummond first meets her sons new street-smart wards, she's less than impressed and doesn't have any qualms about voicing her dissatisfaction; however, Arnold and Willis are able to break through class barriers and help the old woman reconsider her judgments about them.


Conrad Bain
as Philip Drummond
Gary Coleman
as Arnold Jackson
Todd Bridges
as Willis Jackson
Dana Plato
as Kimberly Drummond
Charlotte Rae
as Mrs. Edna Garrett
Mary Jo Catlett
as Pearl Gallagher
Dody Goodman
as Aunt Sophia
Shavar Ross
as Dudley Ramsey
Rosalind Chao
as Miss Chung
Janet Jackson
as Charlene Duprey
Steven Mond
as Robbie Jason
Nikki Swasey
as Lisa Hayes
Danny Cooksey
as Sam McKinney
Dixie Carter
as Maggie McKinney
Mary Ann Mobley
as Maggie McKinney
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