¿Dónde Está Elisa?: Season 1 (2009)

Season 1
¿Dónde Está Elisa?

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When 17-year-old Elisa Domínguez Correa goes out for a night with friends, no one imagines the possibility of her not coming back. But that's the reality her family and friends must face as more and more time elapses since she was last seen.

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Raimundo Domínguez takes matters into his own hands to bring his daughter home. But once the police get involved, plans go awry.

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A former Domínguez Winery employee who was formerly involved in a legal battle against the company becomes the prime suspect in Elisa's disappearance; the nature of Elisa and her cousin's relationship comes to light.

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Detective Rivas turns his attention to Elisa's cousin as more details surface about the night of her disappearance.

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Detectives discover incriminating evidence against Elisa's cousin Gaspar, forcing him to tell the truth. Plus, Consuelo finds out about Raimundo's infidelity.

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As the investigation continues without a single clue to Elisa's whereabouts, information emerges that a month before her disappearance Elisa had skipped a week of school using a suspicious doctor's note.

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New details emerge suggesting that Elisa may have had motive to run away. Meanwhile, a witness comes forward with reports of having seen Elisa alive.

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Investigators discover a newly abandoned cabin in the region of Cajón del Maipo where Elisa was recently seen. Plus, Javier and Consuelo have both kept secrets that work their way out into the open.

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The investigative team collects a statement from another witness in the Cajón del Maipo region, using it to draw up a sketch of the suspect. As Consuelo's marriage falls apart, she tries another strategy: honesty.

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When a reporter mentions the possibility of child trafficking to Francisca, she completely loses any composure she had left. Meanwhile, Bruno decides to make amends with Consuelo, but only under his terms.

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