The Kiss


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A woman files a personal-injury lawsuit when she is hurt during a wife-swap exercise as part of couples' therapy group. Meanwhile, Paul sets Jane up on a blind date; Stacy and Owen question their feelings for one another; and a man who incorporated himself hires Grayson and Owen when his shareholders try to prevent him from marrying the woman he loves.


Brooke Elliott
as Jane Bingum
Margaret Cho
as Teri Lee
Josh Stamberg
as Parker
April Bowlby
as Stacy Barrett
Kate Levering
as Kim Kaswell
Jackson Hurst
as Grayson Kent
David Alpay
as Frank Neubauer
Elizabeth Bond
as Bev Globerman
Todd Terry
as Bob Globerman
Illeana Douglas
as Dr. Khrisna Reza
Josh Ventura
as Richard McMann
Stacy Stas
as Hanna Walton
Kenny Alfonso
as Joe Cummings
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as Judge Joshua Gilbert
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