Dukes of Hazzard (1979 - 1985)

Dukes of Hazzard

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The Robin Hood-style escapades of two cousins at odds with a greedy, bombastic politician and his blundering lackey, the local sheriff. `Just good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm,' Bo and Luke Duke kept one step ahead of trouble in a souped-up car called the General Lee while their comely cousin and sage uncle provided support. The series' success revived interest in rural-themed shows and helped propel Waylon Jennings' title song to the top of the country charts in 1980.

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1985, CBS, 17 episodes

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1984, CBS, 22 episodes

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1983, CBS, 22 episodes

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1982, CBS, 27 episodes

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1981, CBS, 23 episodes

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1979, CBS, 23 episodes

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1979, CBS, 13 episodes


Tom Wopat
as Luke Duke
John Schneider
as Bo Duke
Catherine Bach
as Daisy Duke
Denver Pyle
as Uncle Jesse Duke
Sorrell Booke
as Boss Hogg
James Best
as Rosco P. Coltrane
Sonny Shroyer
as Dep. Enos Strate
Rick Hurst
as Dep. Cletus
Peggy Rea
as Lulu Hogg
Nedra Volz
as Miz Emma Tisdale
Don Pedro Colley
as Sheriff Little
Lila Kent
as Laverne
Charlie Dell
as Emery Potter
Waylon Jennings
as The Balladeer
Lindsay Bloom
as Mabel Tillingham
Oak Ridge Boys
as Themselves
Parley Baer
as Doc Appleby
John Wheeler
as Mr. Rhuebottom
Norman Alden
as Chief Lacey
Richard Moll
as Milo Beaudry
Mel Tillis
as Burl Tolliver
Pat Studstill
as Floyd S. Barclay
Robert Shields
as Bobbie Joe (Robot)
Simon MacCorkindale
as Gaylord Duke, aka Roger Blevins
James Hampton
as Sheriff Buster Moon
Elizabeth Kerr
as Emma Partridge
Dottie West
as Herself
Donna Fargo
as Herself
Bill Erwin
as Clarence Stovall
Buck Owens
as Himself
William Russ
as Josh Scroggins
Paul Kent
as Mr. Hodges
Melinda Naud
as Alabama Jones
Randi Brooks
as L.S. Pritchard
Vernon Weddle
as John Zimbra
Annie O'Donnell
as Gussie Peabody
Mike Moroff
as Sam Porter
Terry Wilson
as Norman Scroggs
Joe Whipp
as Mason
Ted Gehring
as Judge Charles Druten
Walker Edmiston
as Prof. Crandall
Roger Torrey
as Wayne Norris
Alan Autry
as Dawson
J.S. Young
as Pa Beaudry
Chris Mulkey
as Billy Ray
Ken Hixon
as Doctor
James Cavan
as Artie Bender
Bill McLean
as Mr. Winkle
Ernie Lively
as Dobro Dullyn
John Dennis Johnston
as Sledge Beaudry
Ritchie Montgomery
as Elton Loggins
Stephanie Kramer
as Anna Louise
Stella Parton
as Mary Beth
Jim Baker
as Jasper Fenwick
Ralph Strait
as Otis Plunkee
Richard Paul
as Clyde Amos
Hugh Gillin
as Mr. Christal
Laurette Spang
as Mindy Lou
Elinor Donahue
as Agent Marjorie Dane
James Hong
as Billy Joe Fong
Shawn Weatherly
as Billie Ann
Jeff Osterhage
as Eddie Lee Memphis
Warren Munson
as Doc Carney
Johnnie Collins III
as Billy Boy Harper
Earl Boen
as Eustice Hastings
Jay Baker
as Jeb Morton
Earl Montgomery Jr.
as Boss Sharkey
Chris Hendrie
as Ernie Ashbern
Jesse D. Goins
as Don Purcell
Lori-Nan Engler
as Sarah Ann Willis
Cal Gibson
as Swifty
Peter Hobbs
as Emerson Craig
David Haney
as Scanlon as Salesman
Candi Brough
as Floalee
Gary Graham
as Marlowe's Brother
Barbra Horan
as Girl #1
Pat Cranshaw
as Doc Henry Petticord
Melanie Vincz
as Sue Ellen
Doug Hume
as Herky
Joseph Burke
as Sheriff "Hammerhand" Ragsdale
Kaz Garas
as Loggins
Barry Van Dyke
as Brock Curtis
Michael Fairman
as Deputy Attorney General
Del Monroe
as Benteen
Lucille Benson
as Mama Coltrane
Richard Fullerton
as Billy Gene Harper
Andy Wood
as Banyon
as Agent Ben Jordan
Elmore Vincent
as Doc Appleby
Robert V. Barron
as Chicksaw Thins
Paul Koslo
as Jesse James
Britt Leach
as Buck Simmons
Ji-Tu Cumbuka
as Bubba Malone
Norman Bartold
as Company Man
as Lori Mae
Dennis Holahan
as Harry Joe
Peter Breck
as J.J. Sunday
Ed Peck
as Roy Winter
Eddie Ryder
as Culpepper
Frances Bay
as Hortense Coltrane
John Hancock
as Handley
Steve Sandor
as Mitchell
Jack Yates
as Morgan
Frank Birney
as Harry Bobo
Joe Mays
as Pastor
Wayne Morton
as Customer
Mary Jo Catlett
as Cousin Alice
Richard Schaal
as Billy Ray
Anne Haney
as C.V.Gumble
Jay Garner
as Harvey Dunsmore
Sandy Ward
as Sheriff Floyd
Ned Bellamy
as Hoby Willis
Dick Sargent
as Sheriff
Joel Brooks
as The Director
Claude Earl Jones
as Sheriff Cathcart
Dan Barrows
as Attendant
Ross Elliott
as Finchburg Sheriff
Jay Ripley
as Deputy Wilbur Fudge
Sid Haig
as Slocum/Smith
Carl Kraines
as Jude Porter
Ben Thomas
as Cash Calloway
Bob Aaron
as Beemer
Dean Dittman
as Mack Magee
Hal Williams
as Jonas Jones
Allan Wyatt Jr.
as Junior Harper
Michael Keenan
as Rayford Flicker
Michele Greene
as Bobby Lee
James Jeter
as Sheriff
Dennis Fimple
as Preacher
Frank Annese
as Jason Dillard
Felix Silla
as Li'l Cousin
Bill Cort
as Agent Callas
Richard Marion
as Helper #1
Jim B. Smith
as Tax Collector
Terence Knox
as Rafe Logan
James Carrol Jordan
as Ruel McBride
Leslie Easterbrook
as Madame Delilah
Lori Hallier
as Dr. Debbie Davis
Jerry Summers
as Cosgroves
Mary Treen
as Aunt Clara Coltrane
Barney Phillips
as Judge Potts
Conlan Carter
as Truck Dispatcher
Les Tremayne
as Big Daddy
Kirk Scott
as Sen. Maynard
David Gale
as Collins
Nora Boland
as Mrs. Walker
Ralph Pace
as Harvey
Jeannie Wilson
as Mary Kaye
Tommy Madden
as Threepack
Dan Fitzgerald
as Truck Driver
Hoke Howell
as Watchman
Young Buck
as The Marshal
Juney Ellis
as Crossing Lady
Ella Mae Brown
as Bessie Lou
Will Hare
as Yard Manager
Ben Slack
as Mr. Adams
Jason Bernard
as Chief Guard
Jerry Rushing
as Ace Parker
Debra Feuer
as Becky Mae
Walter Barnes
as Jeb McCobb
Troy Milton
as Chauffeur
Spencer Milligan
as Leroy Little
John H. Fields
as Stillwell
Hank Underwood
as Mr. Pruitt
Randal Patrick
as Charlie Cooper
Shanna Reed
as Anna Lisa
Bob Hoy
as Herky
Don Dolan
as Jailer
Roger Jackson
as Mechanic
Robert Aaron Tesoro
as Clyde Berney
Bob Hannah
as Inventor
John Shearin
as Jude Emery
Fran Ryan
as Ma Harper
Kevin Hagen
as Farmer Perkins
Frank Marth
as Agent Caldwell
Danone Camden
as Miss Hatchipee
Jon Locke
as Murkin
Greg Michaels
as Alan Fairchild
Ashley Cox
as Garbade's Girl
Doris Hess
as Mabel Wooster
William Mims
as Hickey Burns
Tim O'Connor
as Thackery
Lee Delano
as Androvitch
Ivor Barry
as Art Dealer
Floyd Levine
as Mr. Baldwin
Ray Guth
as Amos Stigger
Mickey Jones
as B.B. Davenport
Clifton James
as Sheriff Lester Crabbe
Kenneth W. O'Brien
as Beauregard Mason
Joe Dorsey
as Hooper
Marty Zagon
as Big Dan Hogg
Marya Small
as Frankie
Damu King
as Assistant
Neva Patterson
as Swamp Molly
Robert Tessier
as Mitch Henderson
Lou Walker
as Workman
Sam Edwards
as Track Stewart
Bill Cross
as Driver
Kevin Hage
as Farmer Perkins
Fred McCarren
as Neil Bishop
Fred Stuthman
as Hard Luck Jones
Suzanne Niles
as Maybelle
Dennis Rucker
as Mason Dixon
Redmond Gleeson
as Ben Wilkenson
Jo McDonnell
as Sally Jo
Curtis Credel
as Harkness
Med Flory
as Shoulders
Ernie W. Brown
as Longstreet
Whit Bissell
as Fenwick
John F. Goff
as George Henry
Toni Sawyer
as Mrs. Hooper
Jon Lormer
as Preacher
Jane Abbott
as Shill #2
John W. Smith
as Guard #1
Paul Lambert
as Big Jack
Bob Yerkes
as Menznick
Pat Klous
as T.C. Rogers
Owen Bush
as Fletcher
Norman Elder
as Chief Lacey
Lurene Tuttle
as Granny Annie
Rich Hurst
as Cletus
Sandra Dorsey
as Virgilette
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Jan 26, 1979
Genre: Action & Adventure
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