The Games Underfoot


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Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of an archaeologist they believe was killed for what he discovered during his last dig in a local landfill. Meanwhile, Sherlock's relationship with his former sobriety sponsor hits a rough patch.


Jonny Lee Miller
as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu
as Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn
as Tommy Gregson
Jon Michael Hill
as Det. Marcus Bell
John Noble
as Morland Holmes
Ato Essandoh
as Alfredo Llamosa
Erin Fritch
as Mila Burnstyn
Salvatore Inzerillo
as Superintendent
Will Brill
as Tyler Eggert
Daniel Jenkins
as Dwight Ostrin
Stacey Yen
as Amy Kim
Nick Wyman
as Duncan Brice
Andrew Weems
as Attorney
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