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Hood investigates when a woman's frozen body is discovered on a hot California beach and shows no signs of thawing. The investigation reveals that the victim had a terminal blood disease, but it had nothing to do with her death. Later, another person with a fatal illness is found frozen in an office building. Hood learns that both victims may be linked to a foundation that promises people immortality.


Rufus Sewell
as Jacob Hood
Marley Shelton
as Rachel Young
Marisol Ramirez
as Carla Cordero
Scott Allen Rinker
as Edward Grekowski
Roma Chugani
as Elizabeth Ramesh
Melanie Hawkins
as Emily Grekowski
Jacklyn Ngan
as Janet Lin
Joel Bryant
as Joey Lux
Jonna Walsh
as Marlena Gower
John Getz
as William Gregory
Kai Schmoll
as Professor
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