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Entourage (2004 - 2011)

Entourage (2004 - 2011)





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A young movie star from Queens lives the good life in Hollywood surrounded by his boyhood pals, who shamelessly milk the actor's fame for all it's worth. Modeled on the starstruck experiences of coexecutive producer Mark Wahlberg, this breezy satire has moments of inspiration, with the best bits usually coming from Vince's half-brother, Johnny Drama, a D-list actor, and Ari, the amoral agent whose savagely witty barbs earned Jeremy Piven a well-deserved Supporting Actor Emmy award.more


Entourage: Season 8
Critics Consensus: The familiar faces are always a comfort, but with Entourage's best stories behind it, the series finale feels like a merciful end.

2011, HBO, 8 episodes

Entourage: Season 7
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2010, HBO, 10 episodes

No critic reviews yet...

2009, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2008, HBO, 12 episodes

Entourage: Season 4
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2007, HBO, 12 episodes

Entourage: Season 3
Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2006, HBO, 20 episodes

Entourage: Season 2
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2005, HBO, 14 episodes

Entourage: Season 1
No Tomatometer score yet...

2004, HBO, 8 episodes

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Adrian Grenier
as Vince Chase
Debi Mazar
as Shauna
Joshua LeBar
as Josh Weinstein
Leighton Meester
as Justine Chaplin
Rex Lee
as Lloyd
Constance Zimmer
as Dana Gordon
Cassidy Lehrman
as Sarah Gold
Michael Lerner
as Joe Roberts
Perrey Reeves
as Mrs. Ari
Eric Roberts
as Himself
Gus Van Sant
as Himself
Monica Keena
as Kristen
Anna Faris
as Herself
Jason Patric
as Himself
Zac Efron
as Himself
Mandy Moore
as Herself
Alan Dale
as John Ellis
Jordan Belfi
as Adam Davies
Gary Busey
as Himself
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