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March 16, 2019
Fam is a cute show. Not sure why Dobrev publically said she had been skinny fat before, yet when i see her now, all her curvy sexyness has been sucked out of her, she kinda looks like a ghost of herself, which, at 30 is so strange. I miss the curves, i wont lie, but her comedic delivery is lacking also, due mostly to WAAAY over acting, and hitting her punch lines harshly. I think she may lack a natural easy going-ness, and so she seems out of place in a comedy. Ironically, i started watching the show because of her, but now its in spite of her, as I find the stoner sister hilarious, cop dad funny AF and Tone Bell is always entertaining. This week was the funniest episode yet, and Dobrev seemed more in her element, ironically playing immature, is the only thing that has come off natural, the role she so badly never wanted to step back into, so much so ....that she ruined an entire EPIC series to be selfish. and for what? LOL Bet, thats a huge regret now.. Considering shes not suited for this comedy at all. its funny in the stock photo they make it look like she still has a rack too lol lol
March 6, 2019
the show is very nice.the story and comic time is very nice ..nina is doing very well
½ February 28, 2019
AWFUL show. Please cancel this show so that the time slot can be used for something slightly interesting or funny. It was obvious from the endless promos that this was going to be a flop...I don not understand how TV executives can be so out of touch as to not spot this show as a loser.
February 18, 2019
Nina Dobrev is not good
at comedy
February 14, 2019
It´┐Ż┬?┬?s a good show
½ February 12, 2019
Great show
January 29, 2019
Nina Dobrev is fantastic and all in all the show, and the story is a nice twist on the family drama.
½ January 22, 2019
I see all these critic reviews saying basically the same thing "cast is great, show is terrible". I've never seen any of these actors in anything before so i'm not sure why anyone thinks the cast is great. Who knows... if they put better actors maybe the show would be better? I looked these people up on IMDB and they don't have impressive resumes or anything.

well I watched the first two episodes on accident and won't be coming back. If the rest of the season is amazing then oh well I guess my loss. At this point it's garbage. Fire everyone.
½ January 20, 2019
There are a lot of issues with this show:

1) Terrible writing - it?s really not funny
2) Bad acting - Gary Cole is the only decent actor lout of the whole lot. The 3 main characters are the most awkward to watch. Especially Nina. All she does is recite lines with an exaggerated surprised expression, really loud. Like she?s on a cheerleading squad.
3) Lack of chemistry between the couple - not buying it
4) Ridiculous premise of a show - if I had a sister like that she would be gone after a day. It?s really boring. They really should have just made it about the two main characters. The sister is annoying as heck.

This show will not get renewed. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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