Feud: Bette and Joan Reviews

April 3, 2017
You'd be within your rights to check your watch and wonder what ever happened to Bette and Joan.
March 27, 2017
The complex relationship between the women was, in the end, primarily about acting; too bad Feud focuses on everything but that.
March 21, 2017
The show hits home because the story is a lot bigger than just a couple of movie stars -- it's a surgical dissection of American fame, all the brutality and blood behind the dirty business of dreams.
March 14, 2017
Only two episodes have aired and Feud is already my favorite of Ryan Murphy's television panoply.
March 13, 2017
Feud has its flaws-a jokey song cue here, blunt exposition there. But Murphy lets the contradictions sizzle: he knows that schlock can double as great art; that self-loathing can work both as a goad to ambition and as an emotional crippler.
March 6, 2017
For all of its venom and sting, Feud is a strangely loving tribute to the stars and films of yesteryear, so much that one may wish these great ladies were still alive to see what a glorious work they inspired.
March 6, 2017
It's a juicy inside look at retro Hollywood that avoids "Mommy Dearest" excesses while still camping it up when appropriate.
March 6, 2017
Sarandon and Lange shine in the crucible of competition too. Sarandon seems better cast, sharing Davis' enviable bone structure and her ability to exhale a one-liner like cigarette smoke. And yet it's Lange who'll make you swoon.
March 6, 2017
Its deft and satisfying first few episodes should please both the voyeurs and the feminists, and more importantly highlight how the two groups can overlap.
March 6, 2017
Feud: Bette and Joan is delicious fare, a mix of catty gossip and vile manipulation, a look at the dark underbelly of celebrity culture and the desperation that comes with aging out of the limelight.
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