They Fought in the Fields (Episode 5)


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Part 1 of 2. A German plane crash-lands, and not long thereafter a farmer is murdered. Foyle suspects a link. But first he must contend with a British POW-camp officer who's more considerate of the prisoners than he is of the police, not to mention a mysterious man with a rucksack, a buried pig, several members of the Women's Land Army and an innkeeper with a very low opinion of men.


Michael Kitchen
as Christopher Foyle
Anthony Howell
as Paul Milner
Honeysuckle Weeks
as Samantha `Sam' Stewart
James Wilby
as Maj. Cornwall
Tom Frederic
as Sabartovski
Peter Stark
as Schimmel
Paula Jennings
as Rose Henshall
Jenny Platt
as Joan Dillon
Stella Gonet
as Barbara Hicks
Nigel Terry
as Hugh Jackson
Michael Cronin
as Home Guard Captain
Joe Armstrong
as Tom Jackson
Anatole Taubman
as Raimund Weiser
June Barrie
as Ellen McGee
Marian McLoughlin
as Postmistress
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