A War of Nerves (Episode 8)


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Conclusion. Clues lead Foyle and Milner to a shipyard, where they find vast amounts of hidden cash.


Michael Kitchen
as Christopher Foyle
Anthony Howell
as Paul Milner
Honeysuckle Weeks
as Samantha `Sam' Stewart
Samuel Oatley
as Jack Archer
David Alexander
as Derek Woodgate
Corin Redgrave
as Asst. Commissioner Rose
Geoffrey Freshwater
as Sgt. Eric Rivers
Peter-Hugo Daly
as Kimble/William Mason
Dugald Bruce-Lockhart
as Capt. Ralph Hammond
Fergus O'Donnell
as Ernest Jones
Peter Capaldi
as Raymond Carter
Valerie Edmond
as Lucinda Sheridan
Elodie Kendall
as Receptionist
Toni Palmer
as Brenda Wilson
Joanna Horton
as Gwen Rivers
David Westhead
as Mark Talbot
Matthew Flynn
as Peter Talbot
Helen Lindsay
as Magistrate
Lynda Rooke
as Joanne Mason
Angela Curran
as Nurse Jenny Wright
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