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Brilliant 'Cheers' spin-off in which psychiatrist Frasier Crane returns to his native Seattle, where he hosts a call-in radio show and spars with his fussy brother, their ex-cop father and dad's physical therapist. Impeccable performances and polished scripts are the hallmarks of this sitcom, Emmy's most honored series. Kelsey Grammer portrayed the pompous character for a total of 20 years (9 on 'Cheers' and another 11 here), tying him with James Arness as Matt Dillon on 'Gunsmoke.'

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2003, NBC, 24 episodes

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2002, NBC, 24 episodes

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2001, NBC, 24 episodes

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2000, NBC, 24 episodes

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1999, NBC, 24 episodes

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1998, NBC, 24 episodes

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1997, NBC, 24 episodes

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1996, NBC, 24 episodes

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1995, NBC, 24 episodes

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1994, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Kelsey Grammer's erudite persona instantly gives this Cheers spinoff a distinctive personality -- bolstered by a well-balanced ensemble and a genuinely literary sense of wit.

1993, NBC, 24 episodes


Kelsey Grammer
as Frasier Crane
David Hyde Pierce
as Niles Crane
John Mahoney
as Martin Crane
Jane Leeves
as Daphne
Moose the Dog
as Eddie, the dog
Edward Hibbert
as Gil Chesterton
Tom McGowan
as Kenny Daly
Patrick Kerr
as Noel Shempsky
Saul Rubinek
as Donny Douglas
Jane Adams (II)
as Dr. Mel Karnofsky
Marsha Mason
as Sherry Dempsey
Bebe Neuwirth
as Dr. Lilth Sternin
Jean Smart
as Lorna Lynley
Tom McGowan
as Kenny Daly
Trevor Einhorn
as Frederick Crane
Dan Butler
as Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe
Luck Hari
as Waitress
Mercedes Ruehl
as Kate Costas
Edward Hibbert
as Gil Chesterton
Amy Brenneman
as Faye Moskowitz
Millicent Martin
as Gertrude Moon
Virginia Madsen
as Cassandra Stone
Rene Auberjonois
as Prof. Tewksbury
Tony Carreiro
as Joe DeCarlo
Kim Coles
as Mary Thomas
Shelley Long
as Diane Chambers
Jane Kaczmarek
as Maureen Cutler
Rosemary Murphy
as Carol Larkin
Gregg Berger
as Voice of Gordon
James Oliver
as Barista
Christopher Durang
as Voice of Rudy
Jean Smart
as Lorna Lenley
Laura Linney
as Voice of Mindy
Rebeccah Bush
as Kimberly Egan
Sherilyn Fenn
as Niles' Patient
Harris Yulin
as Jerome Belasco
Robert Prosky
as T.H. Houghton
Carlene Watkins
as Susan Rajeski
Lisa Melilli
as Dream Girl
Laura Harring
as Rebecca Wendell
Rosa Blasi
as Waitress
Gary Cole
as Luke Parker
Derek Jacobi
as Jackson Hedley
Donald O'Connor
as Harlow Safford
Bob Dishy
as Dr. Schenkman
Bonnie Raitt
as Voice of Denise
Barbara Babcock
as Penelope Janvier
M. Emmet Walsh
as Rich Koechner
John Cygan
as Doug Harvey
Lorenzo Newton
as Reggie McLemore
Jordan Baker
as Paula Garrett
Randy Pelish
as Customer
Philippe Durand
as Jean-Pierre
Illeana Douglas
as Kenny's Wife
Zeljko Ivanek
as Dr. Arnold Shaw
Kevin Farrell
as Rodney Banks
Peggy Miley
as Bernice Briscoe
Eva Marie Saint
as Joanna Doyle
Nastassja Schmiedt
as Girl in Line
Bryan Millen
as Patient
Amy Landers
as Waitress
Brooks Almy
as Mother in Elevator
Bette Rae
as Elizabeth
Tom Chick
as Waiter #1
Jack Sydow
as Alfred Larkin
Donna Bullock
as Adair Peck
Luck Hari
as Waitress
Patricia Clarkson
as Claire French
Sherry Lansing
as Voice of Angela
Lisa Waltz
as Tricia
Maria Del Mar
as Leslie Wellman
Lamont Thompson
as Delivery Man
Kari McGee
as Audience Member #1
Christine McGraw
as Lacey Lloyd
Milo O'Shea
as Dr. Schachter
Griffin Dunne
as Bob Reynolds
Lesley Stahl
as Herself
Bill Campbell
as Dr. Clint Webber
Alan Tudyk
as Todd Peterson
Robert Picardo
as Charlie Koechner
Mary Hart
as Herself
Michael McFall
as Messenger
Tom Lagleder
as Dr. Stephen Kagen
Saul Stein
as John Rajeski
Allison Mackie
as Adelle Childs
Lisa Guerror
as Woman at Airport
Linda Kerns
as Policewoman
John Ducey
as Waiter
Miguel Pérez
as Carlos Del Gato
Catherine Dent
as Cladudia Kynock
Skye McCole Bartusiak
as Girl with Drawing
Anita Gillette
as Mrs. Wojadubakowski
Michael Philip
as Jack Belcher
Faith Prince
as Voice of Brandy
Debbie Fields
as Voice of Beth
Tom Troupe
as Minister
Cameron Watson
as Data Collector
Steve Rotblatt
as Bar Patron
Byrne Piven
as Dr. Sigmund Freud
Kimberly Oja
as Felicity
Fritz Weaver
as Sir Trevor Aimsley
Robertson Dean
as Dr. Myshkin
Selma Stern
as Neighbor
Gloria Le Roy
as Mrs. Smolenski
Patrick Macnee
as Cecil Healey
John Turturro
as Voice of Grant
Mark Benninghofer
as Video Clerk
Pamela Kosh
as Dierdre Sauvage
John Carroll Lynch
as Dr. Franklin Crean
Roger Keller
as Coughing Man
Ken Magee
as Guard
Dana Ivey
as Mrs. Langer
Kevin Kilner
as Steve Garrett
Billy Campbell
as Dr. Clint Webber
Tim Monoson
as Percy Williams
William Hunt
as Mr. Draper
Peter Waldman
as Violinist
Sharon Madden
as Mrs. Woodson
Georgia Emelin
as Francesca
Barbara Sharma
as Donny's Mom
Jeremiah Morris
as Photographer
JoBeth Williams
as Voice of Danielle
Dawn McMillan
as Waitress
Mark Capri
as Man in Hall
Don Sparks
as Mr. Carr
George DelHoyo
as Father Mike
Amita Balla
as Waitress
Julia Sweeney
as Ann Hodges
Rene Auberjonois
as Professor Tewksbury
Jeffrey Corbett
as John Coughlin
Katie Finneran
as Poppy Delafield
Tim Edward Rhoze
as Delivery Man
Joe Sikora
as Man in Bar
Monica McSwain
as Facialist
Kevin O'Neill
as Electrician
Timothy Cathart
as Mr. Grant
Jillie Mack
as Charlotte
Teri Garr
as Voice of Nancy
Cali Timmins
as Marry Anne
Patty Duke
as Voice of Alice
Shirley Prestia
as Saleswoman
Marcia Mitzman
as Allison Landers
Carole Shelley
as Helen Moskowitz
Arnie Burton
as Chef Marcel
Neal Lerner
as Appraiser
Greg Callahan
as Reverend Franklin
Ilo Orleans
as Stage Manager
Biff McGuire
as Mr. Smolenski
Lisa K. Wyatt
as Sonics Fan
Mary Ostrow
as Francis
Hope Cruikshank
as Alice Doyle
Richard Redin
as Audience Member #2
James Winker
as Mr. Giroux
Karen Kim
as Motorist #1
Hank Stratton
as Andrew Lloyd
Harris Laskaway
as Moving Man
Andrew Heckler
as Dr. Claman
Lisa Mililli
as Dream Girl
Thomas J. Reilly
as Father O'Rourke
Sela Ward
as Kelly Easterbrook
Betsy Gardner
as Laura Hilton
Rocky McMurray
as Shangri-lino
Bryan Callen
as The CHicken
Nicholas Hormann
as Alan Murchie
Ashley Thomas
as Alice Doyle
Randy Travis
as Voice of Man
Luke Tarsitano
as Frederick Crane
Bradley Whitford
as Voice of Stu
Armistead Maupin
as Voice of Gerard
Richard Hamilton
as Big Willy Boone
Doug Carfrae
as Professor Pete
Nancy Linari
as Elaine Hensely
John Waters
as Voice of Roger
Andrew Dorsett
as Young Frasier
Bess Armstrong
as Kelly Kirkland
Kristin Chenoweth
as Portia Sanders
David Duchovny
as Voice of Tom
Benjamin Brown
as Stage Manager
Kristen Lowman
as Mrs. Kalish
Rick Fitts
as Supervisor
Paul Mazursky
as Voice of Vinnie
Paxton Whitehead
as Dr. Campbell
Stu Lantz
as Sportscaster
Eric Roberts
as Voice of Chet
Halle Berry
as Voice of Betsy
Melora Marshall
as Female Fan
Randy Doney
as Dr. MacLowery
Scott Lowell
as Chuck Ranberg
John Farley
as Records Clerk
Anthony Heald
as Corkmaster
Bess Armstrong
as Kelly Kirkland
Tina Arning
as Rebecca
Kim Coles
as Dr. Mary
Gregory Jbara
as Bartender
Stephanie Nash
as Party Guest
David Benoit
as Voice of Doug
Greg Callahan
as Father Franklin
Patti LuPone
as Voice of Pam
Griffin Dunne
as Voice of Russell
George Deloy
as Father Mike
Richard Poe
as Chopper Dave
Brian Cox
as Harry Moon
Emily Yancy
as Cora Winston
Jack Sydow
as Alfred
Rosie Perez
as Voice of Francesca
Karen Kondazian
as Adrianna Pettibone
Ben Livingston
as Stage Manager
Alice Dodd
as Surgical Nurse
Laura Dern
as Voice of June
Cyd Charisse
as Voice of Polly
Lisa Banes
as Pamela
Peg Steward
as Mrs. McCloud
Francis X. McCarthy
as Steve Kendall
Jonathan Ficcadenti
as Kirby's Friend
Anthony Holiday
as Computer Guy
Peter Haskell
as Bob Vernon
Shannon Tweed
as Dr. Honey Snow
Chris Berg
as Dr. Zach
Vic Chao
as Assistant
Dan Bucatinsky
as Jewelry Clerk
Tony Paqualini
as Motorist #2
Hope Allen
as Maxine
Doug Cafrae
as Professor Pete
Marilyn O'Connor
as Albert's Wife
Demene Hall
as Conductor
Michael Welch
as Young Niles
Phil Donahue
as Voice of Larry
Tess Cruikshank
as Alice Doyle
Tom Hulce
as Voice of Keith
Lesley Woods
as Mrs. Kelly
Matt McGrath
as Protester
Christine Baranski
as Dr. Nora Fairchild
Howard Shangraw
as Auction Official
Lombardo Boyar
as Delivery Man
Marilyn Child
as Gretchen Koontz
Andy Garcia
as Terrance
Janet Song
as Audience Member #3
Marv Albert
as Voice of Jerry
Mark Munoz
as Dr. Krovitz
Bess Myerson
as Voice of Mary
Heather Lee
as Toffee Macintosh
Ross Gottstein
as Wallet Guy
Mimi Hines
as Mrs. Latimer
Grace Rowe
as Stage Manager
Dustin Tragethon
as Young Frasier
Karen Hensel
as Bethany
Mario Soto
as Waiter
Kelvin Yu
as Copy Guy
JD Roberto
as Robert
Bette Rae
as Elizabeth
David Alan Basche
as Woody Wiswell Jr.
Dawn McMillan
as Waitress
Piper Laurie
as Voice of Marianne
Jay Karnes
as Corporate Guy
Annie Wersching
as Esthetician
Joan Allen
as Voice of Lydia
Billy Crystal
as Voice of Jack
Corey John Fischer
as Rabbi Gendler
Lisa Dergan
as Cheerleader
Carl Reggiardo
as Maitre D'
Wayne Alexander
as Peter Soutendeck
Alan Mingo, Jr.
as Waiter #2 Sullivan, Matt~Restaurant Waiter
Jonathan Fraser
as Man at Party
Alan Galli
as Male Fan
Bob Dishy
as Dr. Schenkman
David Manis
as Terrence
Piper Laurie
as Mrs. Mulhern
Marlo Thomas
as Voice of Sophie
Dan Kern
as Maitre d'
Tom Brooks
as Drummer
Barbara Babcock
as Penelope Janvier
Michael Rotthaar
as Party Guest #1
Ian Williams
as Barfly #2
Damian Lewis
as Motorist #3
Doug Tompos
as Flight Attendant
Matthew Broderick
as Voice of Mark
Leslie Ishii
as Stewardess
Cyndi Pass
as Vanessa
James Cunningham
as Dr. Rob Mandel
Bill Morey
as Mr. Probst
Sean Cast
as Young Niles
Greg Zerkle
as Doorman
Kate Luhr
as April
Noel Conlon
as Henry Worth
Rachel Rosenthal
as Martha Paxton
Brooke Adams
as Voice of Marilyn
Steve Kehela
as Orderly #1
Blair Brown
as Voice of Jill
Paxton Whitehead
as Dr. Campbell
Jennifer Williams
as Woman in Hall
Beverly D'Angelo
as Voice of Audrey
Kipp Shiotani
as Delivery Guy
Teri Ralston
as Miss Carney
Regi Davis
as Hotel Manager
Mary Jo Mecca
as Waitress
Dominic Rambaran
as The Other Niles
Baron Kelly
as Bailiff
Nancy Stafford
as Claire Banres
Samuel Johnson
as Reno Officiant
Rob Reiner
as Voice of Bill
Ken Daly
as Man on the Street
Phyllis Katz
as Woman at Auction
Raymond Harris
as Officer McClean
Chariesse Lavelle
as News Anchor
B.J. Ward
as Diane Murchie
Alan Tudyk
as Todd Peterson
Gary Cole
as Luke Parker
Kathleen Noone
as Aunt Patrice
Derek Jacobi
as Jackson Headley
John Brandon
as Policeman
Jonathan Adams
as Fire Marshal
Jamieson Price
as Barfly #3
Jo De Winter
as Mrs. Greenway
Robyn Johanna
as The Other Daphne
Jane Macfie
as Passenger
Tom Astor
as Waiter
Robert Ruth
as Coach Nugent
Lisa Waltz
as Tricia
Bill Ferrell
as Policeman
Nick De Gruccio
as Short Man
Tom Byrd
as Tim Webb
Terry Hoyos
as Hostess
Rhea Perlman
as Carla Tortelli
Josh Adell
as Curtis
Michael Keaton
as Blaine Sternin
David Ogden Stiers
as Leland Barton
Mario Prado
as Bike Clerk
Brandon Johnson
as Orderly #2
Tom Troupe
as Minister
Jodie Foster
as Voice of Marlene
Diane Behrens
as Patron #1
Nick Mize
as Man in Street
Charlee Baugh
as Schoolgirl
Jill Clayburgh
as Voice of Marie
Palmer Scott
as Mr. Twembly
Fritz Weaver
as Sir Trevor
Joseph Lindgren
as Dr. Zafrin
Gloria Estefan
as Voice of Maria
Illeana Douglas
as Eileen Daly
as Sam Fukuto
Rufus Wainwright
as Voice of Jeremy
Tony Cox
as Angel #1
Kila Kitu
as Motorist #4
Daniel Davis
as Dr. Schafer
Bob Costas
as Voice of Jake
Cindy Crawford
as Voice of Dorothy
Michael Marino
as Patrolman
Joe Howard
as Ticketseller
Nina Mann
as Miss Finn
Susan Merson
as Woman in Cafe
Gene Lythgow
as Maitre d'
Tom Beyer
as Singer
John Michael Higgins
as William Janvier
Lynndi Scott
as Party Guest #2
John Rubinstein
as Phillip Hayson
Pamela Gordon
as Marvella
Kiran Rao
as Dry Cleaners Guy
Billy Barty
as Voice of Chris
Ed Harris
as Voice of Rob
Carrie Fisher
as Voice of Phyllis
Patrick Stewart
as Alistair Braithwaite
Kieran Culkin
as Voice of Jimmy
David Manis
as Terrence
Susan Blakeslee
as Party Guest
Stephanie Dunnam
as Mrs. Newman
Gregory Jbara
as Bartender
as Lucy
John Ratzenberger
as Cliff Clavin
Paul Kent
as Dr. Sternstein
Aaron Heyman
as Clarence
Mary Hart
as Herself
Edward Penn
as Reynolds
Shannon Tweed
as Dr. Honey Snow
James Winker
as Mr. Giroux
Laurel Green
as Flight Attendant
Jason Biggs
as Dr. Hauck
Martin Rayner
as Mr. Bader
Thomas J. Reilly
as Father Mulligan
Heide Karp
as Crystal
Sela Ward
as Model/Zoologist