Three Dates and a Breakup


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In the conclusion of a two-part story, Martin (John Mahoney) and Sherry (Marsha Mason) have broken up over a silly quarrel. While Martin's son, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer), is rather relieved to see the back of the bombastic Sherry, he soon realizes that his father is miserable without her. Thus it is that Frasier takes on the responsibility to patch up the quarrel using every professional skill (and subterfuge) at his disposal. Parts one and two of "Three Dates and a Breakup" originally aired as a single hour-long episode.


Kelsey Grammer
as Frasier Crane
Marsha Mason
as Sherry Dempsey
Rebeccah Bush
as Kimberly Egan
David Hyde Pierce
as Niles Crane
John Mahoney
as Martin Crane
Donna Bullock
as Adair Peck
Maria Del Mar
as Leslie Wellman
Jeffrey Corbett
as John Coughlin
David Benoit
as Voice of Doug
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