I'm with the Band
Freaks and Geeks Season 1

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Lindsay's "you can do it" Midwestern work ethic proves to be at odds with the Freaks' laid-back approach to rock & roll in this pivotal episode of the short-lived teen saga. Now fully indoctrinated into the Freaks' hang-out/jam sessions in Nick's basement, Lindsay (Linda Cardellini) takes it upon herself to offer some constructive criticism, specifically: practice makes perfect, and "Anarchy's Child" makes a better band name than "Creation." Drummer Nick (Jason Segel) is the only one who's receptive to Lindsay's brainstorming; needless to say, ostensible guitarist Daniel (James Franco) and rest of Creation take umbrage to her band-wrecking ideas (dubbing her "Yoko" in the process). When Nick's stern father tells him to stop beating the skins and focus on his studies -- or else -- Lindsay takes pity and further encourages Nick to hone his talent, against all odds. Meanwhile, Sam (John Daley) has problems of his own, now that Coach Fredricks (Tom Wilson) is enforcing mandatory showers for every student after P.E. class. When his various evasive tactics fall through, Sam has to suck in his gut and take that long, cold walk across the locker-room tile to the communal shower room.

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