Drug Wars (Episode 3)


Episode Info

This episode of the news program Frontline continues the story begun in the first part of this program, picking up the story where crack cocaine entered the picture. Instead of a recreation enjoyed by a social elite, crack became the cheap and dirty drug of the streets that changed the rules of the drug game forever. The drug business became more and more violent as time went on, and the methods used by the government to combat it became more and more draconian, finally relying not on treatment, but almost completely upon incarceration and a disturbing trend of militarism. Much discussion is given to the fruitless attempts to control drug traffic in Mexico. The death of Celtics' star Len Bias of a cocaine overdose is cited as raising public interest in the war on drugs. Finally, discussion of alternatives to the current drug policy is begun, with most interviewed agreeing that current trends offer nothing in the way of relief and that perhaps a return to the treatment-oriented days of the Nixon Administration is in order.